Executive Access: Global Economic Update

We're excited to introduce a new quarterly program in our Executive Access series. Hosted by Columbia Business School Professor Pierre Yared — a world-renowned macroeconomist — the Global Economic Update: What You Need to Know for Your Business provides you with the latest economic insights in an executive briefing format.

Global Economic Update: What You Need to Know for Your Business

90 minutes per session, live online

Single session: $300
1-year subscription: $1,000

Session dates:
November 17, 2021
February 16, 2022
May 18, 2022
August 17, 2022

8–9:30 a.m. ET

This one-year subscription earns 1 credit towards a Certificate in Business Excellence. Learn more.


Program Overview

How will the recent trends in inflation impact your business? What does the slowing population growth mean for your customer base? How will the pandemic’s impact on globalization affect your industry?

Understanding macroeconomic trends and developments is a key skill in every executive's tool kit. In this new program series, you'll gain access to Columbia Business School thought leadership on the latest trends in the global economy that every business should pay attention to, keeping you informed at all times — so you are equipped to make sound business and financial decisions, better see around corners, and lead your organization into the future.

The format is designed to be brief yet impactful, with a highly interactive mix of lectures, group breakouts, and discussions. If you’re feeling stuck or confused about what is happening in a global economy in a constant state of flux, this is a time-efficient program that focuses attention on the most pressing issues today.

Learning Outcomes

✓ Identify the most important macroeconomic risks and trends for your business

✓ Apply a proprietary three-step Macro Scenario Playbook to gauge the impact of changes in the global economy on your business

✓ Brief others in your organization on how global developments inform your strategy

Program Structure

Each session follows a three-part structure:

  • First, the professor will share insights on current macroeconomic conditions, with topics ranging from global growth, monetary policy, fiscal policy, financial conditions, exchange rates, and globalization
  • Next, you will engage in high-impact group breakouts to discuss how current macroeconomic conditions affect your business and how you can scenario plan for different future situations
  • Finally, you'll learn about emerging macroeconomic trends that your business should focus on in your scenario planning


» Download the program schedule here.


Pierre Yared
MUTB Professor of International Business
Vice Dean for Executive Education
Columbia Business School

Pierre Yared's research, which has been published in leading academic journals, focuses on macroeconomic policy, political economy, and growth. He is a research associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research and an associate editor of the American Economic Review. Yared teaches Global Economic Environment, a core MBA course in macroeconomics for which he received the Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Economic Club of New York. Yared received his AB in Economics from Harvard University and his PhD in Economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



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