Executive Access: Managing Global Accounts

Developed in response to intense client demand, our Executive Access series of short programs provides you with immediate, actionable insights in an accessible format. An upcoming program in the series is Managing Global Accounts: Creating Strategic Customer Relationships taught by Noel Capon, the R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing at Columbia Business School.

Faculty Director Noel Capon

Date: December 9, 2021
Time: 12–3 p.m. ET (Calculate your timezone.)
Fee: $450
Format: 3 hours, live online

This program earns 1/2 a certificate credit. Learn more.
Participants of our Executive Access series also receive a $450 credit towards any future multi-day executive education program.

Program Overview

When considering revenue generation, most firms follow some form of the 80:20 rule — 80 percent of revenues derive from 20 percent of customers. Increasingly, those relatively small number of customers are global in nature. To effectively address the firm’s strategic global customers is a complex and difficult challenge. The core approach to succeeding in this arena is by using the congruence model, which has four main elements: strategy, organization structure, human resources, and systems and processes.

Relatively few companies have really mastered the complexities of the congruence model. This program will introduce you to the required skills for transforming your global customer relationships and setting the stage for sustained revenue growth. Senior executives, sales leaders, account directors, and account managers will gain exposure to the knowledge, skills, and tools to successfully compete in the global sales arena, and learn how to effectively build and manage global business-to-business relationships.

Learning Outcomes

✓Grasp the critical importance of global customers for the future of your corporation

✓ Understand your role is securing your firm’s success with global customers

✓ Learn how to create win-win solutions for global customers and the firm

✓ Learn how to optimize critical elements of the congruence model — strategy, organization structure, human resources, and systems and processes

✓ Increment your relationships with selected global customers from vendor to preferred supplier to strategic partner

✓ Increased share and profits at your global strategic accounts


1. The Fundamental Business Model

2. Why Global Accounts are Critical to the Firm’s Future

3. Managerial Responsibilities in Addressing Global Accounts

4. The Congruence Model for Managing Global Accounts

  • Strategy
  • Organization Structure
  • Human Resources
  • Systems and Processes


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Noel Capon
R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing
Columbia Business School

Global leader in Marketing, Salesforce, Key/Strategic, and Global Account Management. R.C. Kopf Professor of International Marketing, Columbia Business School; Honorary Dean, Marketing and Innovation College (MIC), Beijing, China; and Chair of the Board of Directors of the press he founded, Wessex Publishing, Inc.

Noel Capon has had a long and successful career as founder/director of numerous executive education programs in marketing, salesforce, key/strategic, and global account management. An award-winning educator, Capon has conducted executive education programs in many countries around the world. He has authored more than 40 books for both student and professional audiences, including Key Account Management and Planning and Managing Global Accounts, which are available in both regular and videobook format.


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