Design Your Innovation Blueprint: Leveraging Systematic Inventive Thinking

Nov 14-16, 2018
Jun 17-19, 2019
Nov 13-15, 2019
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"This program was a great way to learn new techniques for innovative thinking in the business environment. I can't wait to apply these concepts in my company."
– Molly Poppie, Director, The Nielsen Company

Meet Faculty Director and Professor of Business Gita Johar, who says that creativity is not a trait, but rather something that can be learned.

To be truly effective, innovation has to be pervasive and consistent in an organization. Design Your Innovation Blueprint will help participants learn how to plan, develop, and implement self-sustaining innovation for your organization.

Specifically you will learn:

  • The role of an “Innovation Architect,” responsible for structuring innovation into organizations, including how to design and then manage innovation processes
  • Tools and principles for innovative thinking, to help people look at everyday issues with fresh eyes, delivering inventive solutions
  • How to inspire colleagues and team members to be more innovative through assisting them in a practical way
  • Best (and worst) practices in innovation through networking with business leaders from around the world who deal with the complex challenge of navigating their organizational innovation culture
  • What is needed to ensure that innovation will be self-sustaining in your organization and will not be marginalized to “flavor of the month” status

In addition, your Blueprint will be specific to your organization’s needs, enabling you to implement your innovation strategy as soon as you arrive back at your office. Click on the image below to download an example.

This is a hands-on three-day program that will help you generate creative solutions to problems – solutions that are both novel as well as useful – and help you develop an action plan for successful innovation planning and programs.

Jointly taught by academics and practitioners, each session provides a short conceptual framework followed by an introduction of practical tools and a workshop where the tools can be applied. In addition, on-site coaches will guide participants through the program. The program is run in partnership with SIT, who help organizations stay on top by developing a culture and practice of innovation.

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