General Manager Leadership Program: The Cross-Functional Leader

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	Liz N. Schultz
Liz N. Schultz
Senior Associate Director, Learning Solutions
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IBM Palisades
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"This program will definitely help me in my transition to general management. It gave me awareness of the complexity I will be facing but also of the set of skills I will need to be successful."
– Thomas Delignon, Retail Director Japan, Chaumet (LVMH Group)

General managers face broad responsibilities that challenge even the most talented and effective executives.

The General Manager Leadership Program: The Cross-Functional Leader focuses solely on developing the precise skills new general managers need to reach the highest levels of excellence in their new role.

During the program, you discuss the role of the General Manager with peers from across the world in various industries such as finance, manufacturing, and information technology. You learn how to maximize people and resources, develop a broader understanding of integration across functions, and make accurate projections to enhance your organization's effectiveness and profitability.

Most importantly, you actively practice the skills essential to effective leadership such as questioning, listening, integrating, and communicating, and receive feedback on how to make improvements. You have the opportunity to experiment with new approaches during interactive sessions and to discuss your own professional challenges with the class and faculty. You explore how GMs utilize their emotions in business decisions, manage communications, and shift their view of the organization from working in the trenches to an overall perspective.

For an inside look at the General Manager Leadership Program, download the program brochure and agenda.