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"I wanted to brush up on the macro concepts and understand business from a bigger perspective. I found the program completely invigorating... Through the corporate cases we read, there were so many things I could take and extrapolate for my business."
– Jennifer Cattaui, Owner, Babesta

The Columbia Management Institute program is a convenient option to master fundamental management concepts that will help executives develop into more well-rounded business leaders. It is a comprehensive program focusing on essential business concepts in management, leadership, strategy, finance, and marketing.

The program is designed to be accessible for executives and entrepreneurs seeking an intense yet convenient learning experience by offering a 13-day program consisting of Friday and Friday and Saturday sessions over five months. This schedule not only allows executives living within commuting distance to New York City to continue working, but also provides them with tools they can implement immediately and realize the benefits in real time, adjusting and customizing their experience at Executive Education as needed along the way.

To help participants utilize their learning immediately in a way that will be meaningful for them, executives have the option to come with a specific real world project or problem from their organizations that they will work on, which is called the Applied Personal Project. During the 13 days, participants will collaborate with a team of their peers working on similar issues as well as with coaches to help them address their projects.

Participants will have the opportunity to consult their colleagues at work, make adjustments to the Applied Personal Project and return to Executive Education to receive additional feedback and direction. At the end of the program, each participant would be equipped to present their findings to their organization.

Deadline to apply January 22, 2014


Columbia Business School Executive Education Dean Malefakis"Columbia Business School is excited to offer a convenient, new program created for nontechnical specialists who are looking to become more well-rounded, developed business leaders. In this modular program participants work with a diverse group of faculty members to gain a complete understanding of business processes, organizational structures, and change management, as well as tools for improved leadership, strategy, and management skills that they will be able to apply immediately."

–Mike Malefakis, Associate Dean, Columbia Business School Executive Education

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