Personal Leadership and Success (Online)

Feb 2–Apr 27, 2022 $2,650
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Duration: 12 Weeks
Time Commitment: 3 hours/week
Certificate Credits: 2
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Mentora. The Institute for Life and Leadership.

"Many successful people have been motivated not by success as much as keenness to pursue their purpose and values in life."
– Mahatma Gandhi

Personal Leadership and Success (Online)

We typically approach leadership as an outward-focused discipline. As a leader, you need to know how to inspire others, direct others, change others, influence others, and turn others around at times of adversity. But what if you turn that lens inward? Do you know how to inspire your self, direct your self, change your self, influence your self, and turn your own self around at times of adversity? Isn’t it critical to master this inner game of leadership before you can master the outer game?

Inspired by Professor Hitendra Wadhwa's teachings on Personal Leadership in Columbia Business School's MBA Program and Executive Education courses, Personal Leadership and Success (Online) uses breakthrough research in psychology, neuroscience, and psychotherapy to provide powerful techniques for tangible personal improvements and greater leadership skills.

Personal Leadership and Success (Online) will take you on a learning journey through the Five Pillars of Personal Leadership: Purpose, Wisdom, Self-Realization, Love, and Growth. It is a unique leadership program grounded in rigorous scientific evidence from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and psychotherapy, and case studies from the lives of great leaders. The program provides powerful insights and tools to help you gain mastery over your goals, values, purpose, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, mindsets, and motivations, so you can operate at your best in all moments, become a more effective leader, build stronger relationships, and experience greater fulfillment at work and in life.

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In Personal Leadership and Success (Online), you will learn about:

  • The impact your inner environment has on your success
  • Your current level of mastery over different aspects of your inner environment and how it compares with top performers
  • A deeper understanding of your core values and how to align your day-to-day behavior and priorities with these values
  • Scientifically validated principles, tools, and techniques for how to approach your highest potential in life and leadership by developing your self along the five pillars.
  • Personal reflections, group discussions, and applications of personal leadership techniques

Upon completion of this program, you will earn two credits towards a Certificate with select alumni and tuition benefits. Learn more.


This program allows you to build a broader personal leadership competency over a 12-week timeframe.

You will receive:

  • 12 weeks duration
  • 3 hours per week
  • Self-paced, high-quality, bite-sized video lectures
  • Online reflections and discussion
  • Opportunity to interact with a global community of executive participants
  • Learn anytime, anywhere with Mentora’s proprietary digital learning platform, available on both web and mobile
  • Digitally-verified Certificate of Participation from Columbia Business School Executive Education and Mentora
  • Access to the Mentora toolkit – tools, templates, and frameworks


Personal Leadership and Success (Online) is based on Mentora’s scientific learning system, integrating breakthrough research in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, sociology, medicine and psychotherapy, a rigorous study of great leaders and organizations, and a practical toolkit to drive tangible improvement in your personal leadership skills.

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The Personal Leadership and Success (Online) program is designed for executives at all levels, who are searching for practical techniques to gain greater success in their professional and personal lives through an enhanced understanding and mastery over their inner environment.

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Columbia Business School alumni and up to four of their colleagues are eligible for a 25 percent tuition benefit for this program. More on the Alumni Tuition Benefit.


Hear from Past Participants:


Hitendra Wadhwa, Faculty Director
Professor of Professional Practice

Hitendra Wadhwa is a professor of Practice at Columbia Business School and the founder of Mentora, the Institute for Life and Leadership. He teaches Columbia's most popular MBA leadership class on Personal Leadership & Success. He also teaches MBA and Executive Education programs on Driving Strategic Impact and Leading from the Inside Out and has received the Executive MBA Commitment to Excellence Award, the Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence, and the Columbia Marketing Association Award for the Most Dynamic and Engaging Professor.

Professor Wadhwa's widely acclaimed research and teaching on leadership have been covered by Inc., Forbes, Fortune, Psychology Today, BBC World Service, Financial Times, and Wall Street Journal. Mentora is at the forefront of the new science of Personal Leadership, training executives in how to achieve ever-growing Outer Impact through ever-deepening Inner Mastery. Through its digital learning platform, Mentora has created a pocket “flight simulator” for leadership that helps learners gain mastery in a wide range of leadership skills through micro-practice and feedback. His clients include SAP, Pfizer, Tata Group, Ericsson, GE, Kraft Heinz, American Express, Microsoft, Siemens, and Morgan Stanley.

In the past, Professor Wadhwa was a consultant at McKinsey & Company and the CEO/founder of a Silicon Valley start-up, Paramark, which was twice recognized as a Top-100 Internet technology company by Technologic Partners/Venture Wire. He received his MBA and PhD in Management Science from the Sloan School at MIT, and his BA (Honors in Mathematics) from St. Stephens College, University of Delhi, where he graduated top of his class.


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