Columbia Senior Executive Program 2x2 Option

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The Columbia Senior Executive Program 2x2 Option allows you the flexibility of doing the four-week program in two 2-week modules, with program work in between.

Senior executives operate in a world that is so unpredictable that reliance on traditional models is no longer the only answer. The Columbia Senior Executive Program 2x2 (CSEP 2x2) is designed to provide them the knowledge and tools that will help them to lead from a higher level and make sense of complex environments.

Please note: If you are interested in the four-week residential option for this program, please click here to learn more.

CSEP 2x2 weaves together in-depth sessions on leadership, strategy, and execution to provide this knowledge. Executives in CSEP 2x2 begin the spring session with participants of the consecutive week program for the first two weeks then return to work. Between the two sessions, executives continue work on designated personal and business projects, start implementing their learning, receive coaching on their progress, and have access to webinars with additional content. There also is a virtual component to maintain the class connection and community, and share learning and reflections that reinforce bridging theory to practice.

While back at work, executives can receive immediate feedback from colleagues, which they will be able to discuss with their CSEP peers, personal coaches, and the faculty members. At the end of the program, participants emerge stronger and more focused leaders, better able to develop and communicate their strategy and execute change.

After graduating from CSEP 2x2, participants receive select alumni benefits from Columbia Business School and access to a vital, global community of leaders. The powerful lifelong learning process, alumni activities, and continued participation maximize the individual and organizational impact of the learning experience.


Columbia Business School Dean Glenn Hubbard"The Columbia Senior Executive Program is an incomparable journey that allows executives from around the world to take a step back from their daily work and deeply focus on a strategic, leadership, or management problem. Columbia Business School's faculty members create a true collaborative learning environment and help executives bridge the latest in business theory and research with practical applications for their organizations."

–Glenn Hubbard, Dean and Russell L. Carson Professor of Finance and Economics

For an inside look at CSEP, view "The CSEP Experience" and download the program agenda.

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