Digital Marketing Strategy 2: Developing Your Strategic Plan

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"A fantastic week of getting more tools, learnings from inspiring cases, and sharing knowledge with fellow participants."
– Past Participant Annika Svensson, Head of Marketing Programs at Ericsson AB

Past participants and faculty director David Rogers share their experience at the program.

Digital Marketing Strategy 2: Developing Your Strategic Plan leads participants through the development of a strategic marketing plan for a real-world business. These plans can harness a variety of digital tools such as social media, content marketing, big data and personalization, mobile marketing, co-creation and collaboration, and digital advertising (display, SEM, email, mobile).

In this two-day workshop-style program, participants take the strategic planning framework taught in Digital Marketing Strategy and apply it to develop a real-world marketing plan.

Prior to the program, all participants have the option of submitting a personal digital marketing case for their own business. A personal case guideline helps you to clarify strategic objectives for your case, as well as customers, brand, and competitors. Participants who choose to complete a personal case have the option to submit it to be considered as a group project.

During the two-day program, each participant is assigned to a small group for two days of collaborative teamwork, with one personal case assigned per group. For personal cases not selected for group work, there is time over the two days to apply the strategic process individually or through one-on-one coaching. Everyone should arrive at the program ready for an intensive workshop style format that will challenge them to work as a team and develop an actionable strategic marketing plan.

The program incorporates a mix of:

  • Individual work to define your own personal digital marketing case
  • Interactive class discussion of strategic challenges and the planning process
  • Collaborative small-group work on each stage of the strategic planning process (objectives, segmentation, positioning, ideation, strategy selection, resource planning, metrics)
  • Coaching and feedback from faculty throughout your planning process
  • Final presentation of strategic plans for group feedback and discussion

Participants will leave with an actionable strategic plan, and the experience to apply the strategic planning process to any future business challenges.

Download an outline of David Rogers's digital marketing strategy planning framework.

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