Innovate on Demand (Online)

Apr 23–Jun 18, 2018 $1,989
Sep 3–Oct 31, 2018 $1,989
	Anthony  Madonna
Anthony Madonna
Senior Director, Learning Solutions
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"One of the misconceptions people have is that you’re either creative or you’re not, but research shows that creativity can actually be cultivated. You can learn systematic thinking methods that will lead you to become more creative. "
– The program's Faculty Director Gita V. Johar, Meyer Feldberg Professor of Business in Marketing

Hear from Faculty Director Gita Johar on a real-world product innovation that exemplifies what you will learn at the Innovate on Demand program.

Two of the more prolific myths associated with innovation in organizations are that you must “think outside the box,” and that creativity is something you are born with (or not). This course will debunk these myths, by teaching you to innovate "INSIDE the box", leveraging your knowledge, resources, and expertise in proven step-by-step processes to quickly and effectively generate and implement truly creative ideas.

Through the materials and hands-on exercises, you will discover where creative ideas really come from and how to rapidly and repeatedly generate them on your own – for your own topics – using a set of thinking tools and principles.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • The differences between traditional ideas and creative ideas
  • Barriers to innovative thinking, how to identify them and overcome them
  • How constraints, conceptualization, and visualization can help you see more opportunities around you
  • Function Follows Form – a complementary approach to innovation that supplements your existing “Voice of the Customer (VOC)” and technology research & development efforts
  • Tools and principles for systematic inventive thinking, in order to structure the creative thinking process
  • How to cultivate creativity at every level of the organization through fixed and growth mindsets, diverse teams, using rewards and the need for autonomy

Post Program Coaching

Participants have the option to receive personalized coaching from our partners at SIT following the program. Find out more on the SIT website.

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