Global Banking Program: Fintech, Digital, and Analytics

Mar 23–Sep 18, 2020 $29,000

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Module dates are:
Module I: March 23–27, 2020 (New York)
Module II: June 15–19, 2020 (London)
Module III: September 14–18, 2020 (New York)

"The convergence of finance and technology has changed the global banking landscape in unprecedented ways. Thus, it’s more critical than ever for financial service leaders to stay ahead of this constantly changing environment."
– The program's Faculty Director Suresh Sundaresan, Chase Manhattan Bank Foundation Professor of Financial Institutions

Global Banking Program

The banking and financial sectors are witnessing profound changes driven by innovations in technology, regulatory reforms disruptive business models and rising expectations from digitally-empowered consumers. In particular, technological innovation has transformed the financial services industry at an accelerated pace, and further disruption in the future is almost a certainty. The new generation of financial technology — or fintech — business models are affecting many realms of consumer financial services, such as mobile payments, crypto-currencies, foreign exchange, marketplace (online) lending, saving and investing, financial consulting (robo-advisers), and health and life insurance.

It’s imperative for organizations who operate in these sectors to understand and embrace these changes to continue to thrive in this new disruptive landscape. The objective of this program is to provide participants with an understanding of the economic and technological forces driving this change and to learn how to harness them in a responsible way. The Global Banking Program will provide executives with a broad understanding of global markets, strategic management, fintech, digital transformation, and customer strategy.

Program Partner: Eruditus Executive Education is the program partner for Columbia Business School’s Global Banking Program. Prospective participants with questions on the program are encouraged to contact them for further information by email at or phone at +91 22-61623112 (India) or +971 44302011 (Dubai) or +65 68714030 (Singapore).