Value Investing (Online)

Sep 4–Nov 5, 2019 $3,750

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Delivered in collaboration with
Emeritus Executive Education

"At Columbia Business School, we teach value investing to our MBA students and to executives. These courses have been extremely popular and are always overbooked. That’s why we created this online program so that people across the world can learn how to become a value investor."
– The program's Faculty Director Tano Santos

Hear from Faculty Director Tano Santos about the program.

Legendary investors like Warren Buffett and Mario Gabelli have been guided by the value investing principles during their entire careers. It’s an investment approach that helps investors identify, research, and buy securities priced well below their true market value.

This online program is designed to give you a strong foundation in the value investing process. We’ll give you tools and strategies to collect and analyze information as well as an integrated framework that teaches you how to identify opportunities for investment that others may miss.

Throughout the program, we ask questions such as:

  • Does diversification create value?
  • How do I factor in economies of scale, first mover advantage, and barriers to entry?
  • When does the value investor know when to buy?
  • When does growth create value?

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