Enterprising Families: Learning and Leading Together

Dec 5–7, 2019 $7,500
Jun 17–19, 2020 $7,500
Dec 2–4, 2020 $7,500
	Liz N. Schultz
Liz N. Schultz
Senior Associate Director, Learning Solutions
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Multiple-family-member price of $6,375 per family member is available upon request. Please contact Liz Schultz at liz.schultz@gsb.columbia.edu.

“So many families across the world co-own businesses, family offices, and philanthropy today. This program helps all family members learn how to work better together and to successfully lead their families into the future.”
– The program's Faculty Director Patricia Angus

Faculty director Patricia Angus introduces the program.

Family enterprises are the oldest and most common form of business. Yet in today’s fast-changing, volatile, and global business environment, enterprising families face unique challenges that are often complicated by factors specific to their structure and to families’ traditions, cultures, and interests.

Designed and delivered by the faculty who created Columbia Business School's Family Business Program that enables students to understand all aspects of owning, managing, and working with family enterprises, this three-day executive education program is delivered by faculty with decades of experience advising family-owned firms.

Members of families who own assets together, including operating businesses, family offices, investments, philanthropy, and more, will learn how to view their business situation through time-tested frameworks that provide best practices and lessons learned from academia and practice.

Participants coming from all over the world enter a personalized, confidential, and safe setting in a small-group environment and receive a learning experience that is research-based and objective.

The programs faculty's sole agenda is to help family members succeed with their family business. By learning together, family members will be able to lead all that they do together more effectively, efficiently, and harmoniously.

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