Design Thinking: Innovation Strategy for You and Your Organization

Dec 10–12, 2019 $6,450
Mar 31–Apr 2, 2020 $6,550
Dec 7–9, 2020 $6,550
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In collaboration with
Columbia Entrepreneurship Design Studio

“Companies are constantly trying to stay ahead of the innovation curve. One of the most actionable ways to do this is through human-centered design. This program will show you how to uncover and design for deep, unmet customer needs — a vital step for driving innovation.”
– Adam Royalty, Founder Columbia Entrepreneurship Design Studio

Faculty director Adam Royalty introduces the program.

“Design Thinking attempts to inspire the essential element of creativity, the ability to take an abstract idea and create something with it. In the simplest terms, Design Thinking is ‘a formal method for practical, creative resolution of problems or issues, with the intent of an improved future result.’ It’s a methodology for actualizing your concepts and ideas.”*

Design Thinking: Innovation Strategy for You and Your Organization is a collaboration between the Columbia Entrepreneurship Design Studio and Columbia Business School. Participants will learn how to use the methods and mindsets of design to drive customer-focused innovation in their own organizations.

Many innovation efforts in business stall because the organization loses touch with the core needs of their current and potential customers. Fortunately, human-centered design can help organizations be much more responsive to the ever-changing needs of customers. The methods and mindsets of design have a proven track record of driving innovation across multiple industries.

This program uses experiential learning to teach design techniques through repeated practice. Case studies of human-centered design in action reinforce the core lessons. Executives will learn by doing. First, by engaging in two design projects, then by developing their own design project to bring back to their organization.

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* Source: Forbes

* Program location may vary. While the majority of our programs run on campus, some programs may run off campus in New York City.