Ethical Leadership: Identify, Prevent, and Resolve Ethical Challenges

Apr 20–22, 2020 $6,550
Sep 9–11, 2020 $6,550
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“Leading ethically requires having the necessary set of tools that allow one to prevent and resolve any ethical challenge. It involves identifying the competing values of various stakeholders and integrating them into a coherent strategy so executives and their organizations can respond to a wide range of ethical dilemmas. This program will develop your ability to consider and integrate a wide range of value perspectives when navigating through any ethical quagmire.”
– The program's Faculty Director Adam Galinsky

Ethical Leadership: Prevent, Identify, and Resolve Ethical Challenges

Faculty Director Adam Galinsky

Industries, organizations, and individuals in the 21st century business world confront a daunting set of challenges. Increasing globalization means doing business in countries with radically different values. At the same time, public awareness and scrutiny of business practices has never been higher. Finally, the combination of technology, globalization, and ever-present media has produced rapid cultural and ethical transformations.

The Ethical Leadership program is helping leaders and their organizations navigate this challenging landscape full of ethical obstacles and landmines to become more capable of identifying, preventing, and resolving any ethical dilemma. The program helps participants understand the range of underlying levers business leaders have at their disposal to successfully implement their value objectives while anticipating the constraints of the organization's market and non-market environments.

Leaders will develop the ability to frame, analyze, and resolve ethical dilemmas in their organization and learn how to design procedures and processes to produce ethical outcomes. They will walk away with new self-insight while adding depth to their perspective and understanding.

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