Inclusive Leadership: Harnessing the Power of Diversity

May 6–8, 2020 $6,550
Nov 18–20, 2020 $6,550
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“When harnessed effectively, diversity in the workplace can be the catalyst for creative and innovative breakthroughs and the pathway to effective teams and increased organizational performance. This program is designed to equip leaders with frameworks to diagnose diversity dynamics on their own team and in their organization so that they can intervene to create the conditions for everyone to perform to their highest potential.”
– Caryn Block and Katherine Phillips, the Program’s Faculty Co-Directors

Inclusive Leadership: Harnessing the Power of Diversity

Faculty Co-Directors Katherine Phillips and Caryn Block

Organizations are becoming increasingly diverse. Yet hiring diverse talent — taking into consideration characteristics including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, ability, and sexual orientation — is only the first step in creating an inclusive organization. It is essential for leaders to be able to create inclusive environments so that everyone is able to fully engage in the work.

This program equips executives with the skills they need to create inclusive climates that motivate and engage their teams and organizations. World-renowned faculty from Columbia Business School and Teachers College, Columbia University present actionable frameworks and cutting-edge research that participants can leverage to diagnose diversity dynamics in their teams and organization. Through the program partnership with Teachers College's department of Social-Organizational Psychology, you will benefit from a deep bench of research and scholarship on social equality, race and gender stereotypes, organizational culture, and conflict management.

The two faculty co-directors have each taught in flagship programs of the Executive Education portfolio for years, providing a small amount of their vast knowledge and experience with issues of diversity and inclusion to our programs. Here, recognizing the growing need for a deeper dive into these issues, Professors Block and Phillips team up to provide cutting-edge knowledge and experience to help executives grow and develop around this crucial topic.

During the program, participants work on a real-life diversity or inclusion challenge they are currently facing and will walk away with an action plan and new insights to address their challenge. Each participant also receives a unique intercultural competence assessment, building their self-awareness around areas for improvement and next steps for developing their intercultural skills.

At the end of the three days, participants will be more aware of diversity dynamics in their organization, understand the role of stereotypes and unconscious bias in decision making and how such forces can influence the work climate and culture, and know how they can motivate and engage everyone that they work with for increased individual and organizational performance.

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