Python for Managers

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Format: Four consecutive days with live
online sessions from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET.
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Certificate Credits: 3
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“The modern world runs on code; Python today is what Excel was 20 years ago. Understanding how coding works is now an almost indispensable skill for any manager in a modern enterprise.”
– The program's Faculty Director Daniel Guetta

Python for Managers

On track to overtake Java in the rankings of the most popular programming languages in the world,* Python allows you to leverage large amounts of data to make better decisions for your business. Easy to read and immensely powerful, it is quickly becoming an integral part of many professions — from finance and insurance to technology, healthcare, retail, and ecommerce.

With our Python for Managers program, you’ll acquire hands-on Python coding skills and get insights into its practical business applications. You’ll learn how to connect to APIs, scrape data from websites, and access and analyze large volumes of data efficiently and effectively.

Designed for professionals with no prior programming experience, the four-day program features a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises with the Columbia Business School Executive Education faculty and a team of highly skilled teaching assistants available throughout the program to provide small-group support.

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This program is also being offered in an asynchronous online forma, delivered in collaboration with our partner Emeritus. Learn more about Python for Managers (Online). To compare program formats, click here.

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*Source: TIOBE Index for October 2020


Python for Managers will help you build the capacity to organize large volumes of data and combine data from disparate sources so you can make better business decisions.

After completing this class, you will:

  • Understand how code works, including basic concepts such as variables, loops, if statements, and functions
  • Be able to write simple Python scripts to carry out repetitive tasks
  • Understand how Python can be used as part of more advanced business workflows such as complex data analytics, scraping, interacting with Excel, and connecting to larger APIs
  • Speak the language required to manage technical teams that use Python in their day-to-day work

Upon completion of this program, you will earn three credits towards a certificate with select alumni and tuition benefits. Learn more.


PLEASE NOTE: This program will take place in a live, virtual setting. See the agenda.

The program is divided into two sections: part one focuses on fundamentals, and part two focuses on business applications. After learning the Python fundamentals, you'll leverage case studies involving simulated data to demonstrate how to organize, aggregate, and analyze large amounts of data using Python in a real-world context.

Before class, students will be sent instructions on how to set up their Python development environment. We will hold office hours to help students with any issues so that we can all hit the ground running on day 1.

Day 1: Python Fundamentals, Part 1

  • Welcome to the Program and Orientation
  • Review Evolution and Purpose of Python
  • Understanding Your Development Environment
  • Running Your First Piece of Python Code
  • Variables
  • Lists
  • Strings

Day 2: Python Fundamentals, Part 2

  • Indentation in Python
  • If Statements
  • Loops
  • Going Deeper with Strings
  • Functions
  • Dictionaries

Day 3: Introduction to Data in Python

  • Introduction to Pandas
  • Reading and Writing Files
  • Filtering DataFrames
  • Plotting DataFrames
  • Joins in Python
  • Aggregations

Day 4: Advanced Topics

  • Connecting Python to Excel
  • Automation with Python
  • Scraping
  • Using APIs

For a complete program schedule, please download the executive summary and agenda.


The program is intended for two primary audiences.

  • Managers looking to become more effective technical leaders in their day-to-day work, but who don’t necessarily intend to code themselves. Hands-on sessions for this audience will revolve around looking at examples of Python code and understanding how they work
  • Those looking to start using code in their day-to-day work. Hands-on sessions for this audience will revolve around writing their own Python code, and the program will provide a springboard for a future, more advanced study

Representative roles and titles may include:

  • Product managers, growth hackers, business strategy managers, product marketing managers
  • Risk managers, portfolio managers, high-frequency traders
  • Data analysts, data scientists, analytics managers, and VPs
  • Project managers
  • Management consultants
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Anyone who has outgrown Excel for data analysis

Columbia Business School alumni and up to four of their colleagues are eligible for a 25 percent tuition benefit for this program. More on the Alumni Tuition Benefit.


Daniel Guetta, Faculty Director
Associate Professor of Professional Practice
Decision, Risk, and Operations
Director of the Center for Pricing and Revenue Management and Business Analytics Initiative

As a professor of business analytics and director of the Center for Pricing Revenue Management and Business Analytics Initiative, Daniel Guetta straddles both the Columbia Business School and Columbia Engineering. He has worked with dozens of companies in a broad range of industries to help them drive value using data, analytics, and technology. Prior to joining Columbia, he served as a data scientist and engagement manager at Palantir Technologies.