Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy

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"The course content was excellent as was the professor. Great balance of material and group work. The best I've ever experienced."
– Michael Hynekamp, Chief Financial & Administrative Officer, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics

Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy

Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy teaches you how to use the marketing function as a pivotal tool in building better customer relationships when the customer is an organization, not an individual or household.

Targeted to marketing, sales and product managers involved in the design of marketing strategy, the program is also valuable to general managers who seek to build an efficient marketing and sales function.

The program covers both strategic marketing issues (e.g. how to build a B2B brand for sustainable competitive advantage) as well as key aspects of implementation (e.g. how to align the sales force to customers’ decision processes).

In addition, the program includes many industry contexts, from commodities to differentiated products and services and highlights how some of the modern tools of marketing, like social media, can be used in a B2B environment. Case studies cover companies in industries like shipping, media and medical technology, among others.

Participants will enjoy a variety of teaching methods, as well: discussions, lectures, case studies, group work – where you become the decision maker.

Sample topics include the following:

  • How to build powerful B2B brands
  • How to differentiate from competitors
  • How to develop B2B Pricing contracts and methods
  • How to design, compensate and motivate the sales force
  • How to use social media for B2B marketing

The goal of Business-to-Business Marketing Strategy is to teach you how to become even more customer oriented in a business-to-business setting.

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