Brand Leadership: Strategy, Management, and Performance

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Format: Five consecutive days with daily live sessions from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. ET.
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Certificate Credits: 3
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"The Brand Leadership: Strategy, Management, and Performance program is an experience that revitalizes your knowledge of branding and ignites your desire to rebuild your brand management approach."
– Program Participant Syed Muhammad Salman Ali, General Manager, Tea Whitener Beverages & Media at Engro Foods Limited

Brand Leadership

The program's faculty directors, Bernd Schmitt and Michel Tuan Pham

A brand is a pivotal strategic and financial asset for any organization. In the Brand Leadership: Strategy, Management, and Performance program, you will learn about how to build a strong brand identity and a superior brand experience, as well as how to adapt to rapid consumer and societal changes and create lasting brand loyalty.

The program is fast-paced, dynamic, and practical, combining interactive lectures and discussions with case studies, planning exercises, and other group work. It is delivered in close collaboration with the Center on Global Brand Leadership, a one-of-its-kind think tank that provides innovative brand solutions.

At the Center, the program’s faculty directors, Professors Bernd Schmitt and Michel Tuan Pham, have developed key ideas in brand marketing and management — from emotional branding and customer experience management to positioning platforms and portfolio management.

These ideas have been built into the Executive Brand Leadership Model™, a powerful set of practical tools for managing and leveraging brand assets in today’s global and digital environments. Combining marketplace analysis with analytics and creativity will permit brands to stay relevant to their stakeholders as the rapid change in business, society, and technology continue. In this program, you will learn to apply this model to your brand and organization for greater profits and growth.

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The program will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools to differentiate your brand from the competition and manage it strategically. Before the program begins, you will participate in a Brand Leadership Self-Audit, which will give you an initial sense of the strengths and weaknesses of your brand. During the program, the Executive Brand Leadership Model™ will give you a set of planning instruments and tools to leverage your brand’s opportunities and address its threats.

After attending the program, you will be ready to:

  • Diagnose your brand’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop genuine customer insights about the brand
  • Differentiate your brand from the competition
  • Create a compelling brand experience
  • Plan and execute an integrated brand campaign
  • Design and manage digital brand communications
  • Leverage and protect your corporate brand reputation
  • Assess and plan for the digital and omnichannel world
  • Optimize the role of your brand within the brand portfolio
  • Plan the future for your brand

Upon completion of this program, you will earn three credits towards a Certificate with select alumni and tuition benefits. Learn more.


PLEASE NOTE: This program takes place in a live, virtual setting. See the agenda.

During the virtual edition of the program, participants will be guided through online brand experiences, using them as a laboratory to reflect on their own brand, and spur ideas around how to use the tools shared in the program most effectively.

Your program experience begins before the actual program and won’t end with the program. Prior to the start date, you will conduct a brief Brand Leadership Self-Audit to prime your thinking about the status of your own brand. After the program, you will be eligible to join the network of thousands of brand executives associated with the Center on Global Brand Leadership, attend the Center’s conferences at a discount rate, and receive the Center’s latest updates in knowledge and brand insight.

The program itself is comprised of five days of virtual learning.

Day 1 focuses on brand strategy and brand identity — the brand core, brand personality, and brand positioning, as well as various implementation elements.

Day 2 is centered around creating a deeply human, emotional, and social connection for the brand through brand archetypes and the brand experience. You will learn how to strengthen your brand using brand archetypes and customer experience management.

Day 3 focuses on measuring brand value, brand architectures and portfolio management, and the organizational implications of your branding strategy.

Day 4 sheds light on brand management in a digital world, including how to adapt to consumer behavior changes, create effective brand-consumer interactions, and develop brand impact metrics and tracking systems.

Day 5 examines how to align the organization around the brand, become a brand-centric organization, and forecast business, social, and technology changes that will require brand innovations.


The program is designed for mid- to upper-level executives whose responsibilities require a strategic perspective on the brand. It is appropriate for marketing and non-marketing executives alike as well as executives from a wide range of industries such as consumer goods and services, pharmaceutical and healthcare, media and technology, B2B services and products, and not-for-profit organizations. Anybody who owns or manages a brand will benefit from the program, including brand investors (e.g., private equity).

Columbia Business School alumni and up to four of their colleagues are eligible for a 25 percent tuition benefit for this program. More on the Alumni Tuition Benefit.

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Bernd Schmitt, Faculty Co-Director
Robert D. Calkins Professor of International Business

Bernd Schmitt is widely recognized for his contributions to branding, marketing, and management through his unique focus on the customer experience, innovation, and customer happiness. He has authored or co-authored eight books which have been translated into more than 20 languages, including Experiential Marketing (1999), Customer Experience Management (2003), Big Think Strategy (2007), Happy Customers Everywhere (2012) and The Changing Face of the Asian Consumer (2014). His speaking and consulting clients include leading companies in the consumer packaged goods, automobile, electronics, software, financial services, pharmaceuticals, beauty and cosmetics, hospitality, and media industries. He has been profiled on CNNfn's "Business Unusual" and has appeared on BBC, CNBC, CNBC-Asia, CNN, NHK and on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart and contributed articles to The New York Times, the Asian Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times.

Hear more from the faculty director:

Michel Tuan Pham, Faculty Co-Director
Kravis Professor of Business

Michel Tuan Pham is the author of more than 40 scientific articles in consumer behavior, marketing, and decision making. He is a leading expert on marketing and branding strategy, customer insight, and consumer psychology. A passionate and sought-after executive teacher, he has conducted acclaimed seminars on these topics for thousands of executives from hundreds of companies. His consulting clients on issues related to branding and trademark protection include major brands from different industries. His influential research and comments on current business issues have been featured in major media outlets such as The New York Times, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, and the BBC. He is a past President of the Society for Consumer Psychology, the leading professional organization for the advancement of the psychological science of the consumer.

Along with Professors Schmitt and Pham, additional Columbia Business School faculty contribute to and teach in the program.


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