Implementing Winning Strategies: The Breakthrough Strategic Learning Process

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"The Strategic Learning cycle [taught in this program] should be mandatory for every business executive and strategist. The material was fresh, insightful, and immediately applicable to my business."
– Program Participant John Roberti, VP of Government Relations and Strategy at Cubic Corporation

Professor Willie Pietersen introduces the Strategic Learning process.

In today’s dynamic world, the old static planning methods no longer work. The key to success is to create an adaptive enterprise capable of generating winning strategies and renewing those strategies as the environment changes.

Implementing Winning Strategies offers a set of practical tools to achieve this kind of organizational agility. The program introduces you to the Strategic Learning Process, a unique 4-step model which has been battle tested and is being applied successfully by many global companies and not-for-profit organizations to create and implement winning strategies repeatedly over time.

The Strategic Learning Process

Strategic Learning is an insight-to-action process. The four linked action steps move in a cycle (see picture below): 1) Learn about the external environment and your organization’s own realities; 2) Focus by making choices about where you will compete and how you will win; 3) Align your people and your business system behind your strategy; 4) Execute faster and better than your competitors.

That takes the firm back to the Learn step, thus creating an ongoing cycle of learning and renewal.

What recent past participants are saying about Strategic Learning:

"Strategic Learning provided Riverside with a powerful mechanism to promote shared understanding, shared commitment and unity of action in order for us to be the best."
     – Ron Corti, President and CEO of Riverside Health Care System

"Working in teams, we applied the Strategic Learning Process to create superior insights into our competitive landscape and define our Winning Proposition and Key Priorities going forward. We have now significantly improved our performance and, ultimately, our brand."
     – Tom Motamed, Chairman and CEO of CNA Financial Corporation

"Strategic Learning is the best method I have ever found for creating winning strategies."
     – Michael Mahoney, President and CEO of Boston Scientific

During the program you will benefit from the opportunity to apply your learning to an important personal case with the help and insight of faculty and peers.

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