Advanced Management Program

Oct 20–Nov 15, 2019 $52,450
Apr 26–May 22, 2020 $52,450
Oct 4–30, 2020 $52,450
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"During this program, executives develop into leaders who can create a vision, communicate it, and motivate others – and ultimately design organizations so that information and responsibility are allocated to those who can make a difference."
– The program's faculty director, Paul Ingram, Kravis Professor of Business Management at Columbia Business School

Hear from three past participants on their Return on Learning at the Advanced Management Program.

Senior executives must solve complex problems, create opportunity, and make a powerful impact consistently – especially in unpredictable conditions. The Advanced Management Program at Columbia Business School helps executives respond to evolving leadership challenges and create a vision to lead their companies to success.

This transformational program designed specifically for global senior-level executives weaves together more than 50 lectures led by Columbia Business School faculty, industry experts, and influencers with experiential learning sessions, personal assessments, and individual and group coaching.

The program’s four-week curriculum — offered in four consecutive weeks or in two 2-week modules — is highly integrated and designed to maximize linkages across three key themes:


LEADING Authentically

Become the leader you want to be.

  • Examine, reflect on, and strengthen the building blocks of your personal leadership abilities.
  • Identify and analyze your leadership strengths and weaknesses, targeting areas to develop or change through Columbia’s proprietary 360-degree leadership survey.
  • Develop your Leadership Credo by identifying and honing your personal beliefs about leadership, guided by Columbia Business School executive coaches.
  • Cement your growth mindset, the belief that talents can be developed through hard work, good strategies, and input from others, resulting in a more empowered and committed self and better support for collaboration and innovation within your organization.

THINKING Strategically

Lead your organization to success.

  • Hone your strategic thinking to successfully manage the different business challenges among your business units and drive results.
  • Understand how innovation happens by developing a proven framework that enables you to effectively use strategic tools and methods.
  • Create and maintain your winning proposition by examining the actions and ideas that will enhance your business’s competitive advantage at every level in your organization.
  • Address your Living Case, a unique opportunity to present and work through an organizational challenge you are currently facing, obtaining new perspectives from world-renowned faculty and your global peer set. Learn more about the Living Case in our program information downloads.

EXECUTING Dynamically

Make a lasting impact.

  • Learn mission-critical coaching and persuasion techniques to achieve buy-in to support your goals.
  • Acquire new methods to harness the power of aligned teams to get the results and outcomes needed to drive success.
  • Create a conceptual model for change implementation to execute organizational initiatives.
  • Examine the key challenges of implementing strategic visions, and identify best practices for successful execution.


Executives emerge from the Advanced Management Program stronger and more focused leaders, ready to better communicate their strategy and execute change for their organizations.

For more about the program, download the program agenda, listen to the faculty and program directors speak about the experience, and hear about the return on investment from past participants.