Introduction to Digital Media (Online): Understanding Platforms and Content

Sep 30–Nov 8, 2019 $1,989
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"The last two decades have seen media industries change in unprecedented ways. This online program provides an overview of the main media platforms and content domains to highlight the key drivers of competitive advantage and profitability."
– Miklos Sarvary, the program's Faculty Director

Faculty director Miklos Sarvary explains how the program helps media executives stay on top of the competition.

Media has changed significantly in the past decade. There are new verticals, new platforms, and new content sources. So how do media experts continue to navigate successfully in this ever-changing space? What are the industry dynamics, and how do you stay on top of the competition?

This program is designed for media professionals who want to better understand – in order to continue to compete within – the changing media industry. In Introduction to Digital Media (Online): Understanding Platforms and Content, Professor Miklos Sarvary will examine the businesses of the major media game changers – like Google and Facebook – as well as that of traditional media companies who have tried to adapt to the Internet era to learn from their mistakes and successes.

With this knowledge, participants will be equipped to make stronger decisions about their organization’s media strategy and tactics and better anticipate the next media moves in order to develop a sustainable competitive advantage.

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