Case Studies and Media Mentions

"Linking Leadership Development to Strategy at Ericsson"

Ericsson had been a leader in innovative technology in telecommunications for many years. But in the late 1990s, the telecommunications industry went through major shifts in the wake of an economic downturn, global competition, technology changes, and new consumer demands. Ericsson’s business was severely impacted, as was its shareholder value. In this case study, learn how Ericsson turned its business around by developing its top 200 leaders in a Columbia Business School custom program.

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"Custom-Built Programs for the Future Workforce"

In this European Business Review article, Columbia Business School Professor Ann Bartel, who has faculty directed a number of custom programs at Columbia Business School Executive Education, shares the invaluable benefits an organization can gain from partnering with a custom-built program, the powerful impact it can make on the company’s talent retention rate, and how it can significantly enhance the company’s global competitiveness in these fast-changing times.

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