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Programs for Organizations

Columbia Business School Executive Education’s custom programs blend scholarly research and practical approaches to address your organization’s specific challenges. We see custom programming as a partnership, leveraging collaboration to create an effective experience.

Faculty members play a key role in program development. At the earliest stages of consultation, faculty directors delve into the problem that needs to be solved and develop cutting-edge strategies and tactics to address it.

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Specific Solutions

Custom programs often deliver a diverse mix of case application, role-plays, group discussion, and short, focused lectures. The process is iterative: whether it is adjusting the program’s length or shifting content focus, our faculty members members are experienced in fine-tuning programs to respond to an organization’s specific parameters and goals. Columbia Business School Executive Education’s custom programs help organizations and individuals navigate the leadership development journey, in ways that address both immediate and long-term challenges.



Find the right program for you, a blend of scholarly research and practical approaches, delivered as only Columbia can deliver.

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Executive Education 2016 Catalog

2016 Program Catalog

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The Certificate in Business Excellence (CIBE) is awarded to participants who complete a total of 18 program days within a four-year period.

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