2003-2004 Accounting Seminars

The Accounting Division seminar series consists of weekly presentations by eminent academics, prospective faculty members and the division's own faculty members. Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Fridays at 1:30 p.m in 333 Uris. In most years, spring semester seminars are recruiting sessions featuring candidates for faculty positions.

In addition, the division invites distinguished scholars to our annual Burton Workshop.

The current seminar schedule is listed below. If you have any questions, please e-mail the division's Assistant Director.

Date Speaker and Title
9/5/03 Large Sample Evidence on the Relation Between Stock Option Compensation and Risk Taking with Michelle Hanlon and Terry Shevlin Shivaram Rajgopal (U. of Washington)
9/12/03 CU/NYU
Earnings, Cash Flow, Differential Information and Rational Expectations Kenton Yee (CU)
Conditional and Unconditional Conservatism: Theory Stephen Ryan
9/26/03 Optimal Contracting with Endogenous Reporting Norms with Steven Huddart Paul Fischer (Penn State)
10/10/03 External Financing, Capital Investment and Future Stock Returns with Scott A. Richardson Richard Sloan (U. of Michigan)
10/17/03 Stock Returns, Aggregate Earnings Surprises and Behavioral Finance with Jonathan Lewellan and Jerold B. Warner S.P. Kothari
Burton Workshop

Do Voting Rights Matter: Evidence from the Adoption of Equity-Based Compensation Plans
with Peter Joos and Joseph Weber Sudhakar Balachandran

Subjective Performance Measures and the Effectiveness of Bonus Pools with Stefan Reichelstein Madhav V. Rajan (Stanford)

What Do Dividends Tell Us About Earnings Quality? Douglas Skinner (U. of Michigan)

Using Returns Policies to Elicit Retailer Information with Brian Mittendorf Anil Arya (Ohio State)

Disclosure Practices of Foreign Companies Interacting with U.S. Markets with Tarun Khanna and Suraj Srinavasan Krishna Palepu (Harvard)

Ownership, Incentives and the Hold-up Problem Tim Baldenius

Segment Profitability and the Proprietary Costs of Disclosure with Rebecca N. Hahn
Philip Berger (U. of Chicago)

Stock Option Expense, Forward-Looking Information and Implied Volatilities of Traded Options with Eli Bartov and Doron Nissim Partha Mohanram
11/12/03 When Efficient Contracts Require Risk-averse Executives to Hold Equity: Implications for Option Valuation, for Relative Performance Evaluation and for the Corporate Governance Debate with Wayne Guay John Core (Pennsylvania)
11/21/03 Did Dividends Increase after the 2003 Reduction in Dividend Tax Rates? with Jennifer L. Blouin and Jana Smith Raedy Douglas Shackelford (Kenan-Flagler)
12/5/03 CEO Horizon, Investor Horizon and the Contracting Use of Forward-Looking Performance Measures with Shane S. Dikolli and Karen L. Sedatole Susan Kulp (Harvard)
1/16/04 Integrity and Oversight of Auditors with Anne Beyer Sri Sridhar (Kellogg)
1/23/04 The Conservatism Principle and the Asymmetric Timeliness of Earnings:
An Event-Based Approach
with Ramgopal Venkataraman and Suning Zhang Pervin Shroff (U. of Minnesota)
1/30/04 How Good Is the Timing of Stock Investors and What Are the Returns They Really Earn? Evidence from Dollar-Weighted Stock Returns Ilia Dichev (U. of Michigan)
2/27/04 An Incentive Effect of Multiple Sourcing in Supply Chains with Serguei NetessineStan Baiman (Wharton)