2004-2005 Accounting Seminars

The Accounting Division seminar series consists of weekly presentations by eminent academics, prospective faculty members and the division's own faculty members. Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Fridays at 1:30 p.m in 333 Uris. In most years, spring semester seminars are recruiting sessions featuring candidates for faculty positions.

In addition, the division invites distinguished scholars to our annual Burton Workshop.

If you have any questions, please e-mail our divisional administrator.

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Date Speaker and Title
9/10/04 Shyam V. Sunder (Kellogg) Accounting Quality and Debt Contracting with Sreedhar T. Barath and Jayanthi Sunder
10/01/04 Reuven Lehavy (University of Michigan) Comparing the Stock Recommendation Performance of Investment Banks and Independent Research Firms with Brad M. Barber and Brett Trueman
10/15/04 Dan S. Dhaliwal (University of Arizona) Costly Public Disclosure and the Choice Between Private and Public Debt with Inder K. Khurana and Raynolde Pereira
10/22/04 Chandra Kanodia (University of Minnesota) Accounting for Cash Flow Hedges: Mark-to-Market vs. Historical Cost with Frank Gigler and Raghu Venugopalan
  October Burton Workshop
Eli Bartov (NYU) Disclosure versus Recognition of Option Expense: An Empirical Investigation of SFAS No. 148 and Stock Returns with Steven Balsam and Jennifer Yin

Ronald A. Dye (Northwestern) The Allocational Effects of Reporting the Precision of Accounting Estimates with Sri S. Sridhar

A Simple Model of The Costs and Benefits of Accounting Standards with Sri S. Sridhar

Jonathan Glover (Carnegie Mellon) Manipulability vs. Information Asymmetries about the Manipulability of Accounting Numbers with Yuji Ijiri, Carolyn Levine and Pierre Liang

Doron Nissim (Columbia) The Differential Value Implications of the Profitability and Investment Components of Earnings with Trevor Harris

Terry Shevlin (University of Washington) What is the information content of dividend changes? A new investigation of an old puzzle with Shuping Chen and Yen H. Tong

K.R. Subramanyam (University of Southern California) Does Discretion Improve or Impair Value Relevance? Evidence from Pricing of the Pension Obligation with Rebecca Hann and Yvonne Lu

Yuan Zhang (Columbia) Analysts' Responsiveness and Market Underreaction to Earnings Announcements
11/12/04 Joseph D. Piotroski Further evidence on the relation between historical changes in financial condition, future stock returns and the value/glamour effect (University of Chicago)
11/19/04 Richard Willis (Duke) Determinants of Superior Stock Picking Ability with Michael B. Mikhail, Beverly R. Walther and Xin Wang
12/03/04 Sonja Rego (University of Iowa) Does Aggressive Financial Reporting Accompany Aggressive Tax Reporting (and Vice Versa)? with Mary Margaret Frank and Luann J. Lynch
12/10/04 Ilan Guttman (Stanford) The Timing of Analysts' Earnings Forecasts and Investors' Beliefs
12/17/04 Peter D. Easton (University of Notre Dame) Earnings Management: Alternative explanations for observed discontinuities in the frequency distribution of earnings, earnings changes, and analyst forecast errors with Cindy Durtschi
1/14/05 Pierre Liang (Carnegie Mellon) Profit Sharing and Monitoring in Partnerships with Steven Huddart
1/28/05 Brian Mittendorf (Yale)
5/06/05 FOUR SCHOOLS CONFERENCE (Baruch, Columbia, NYU, Rutgers)

Conservatism and the Value Relevance of Financial Information Sudhakar Balachandran (with Partha Mohanram) - Columbia

The Confirmatory Role of Mandatory Accounting:
Accounting as a Disciplinary Mechanism for Managers' Estimates and Analysts' Forecasts
Yoel Beniluz - Rutgers

The Effectiveness of NYSE Guidelines to Regulate CEO
Compensation through Independent Compensation Committees
Ying Li (with Joel Weintrop) - Baruch

Determinants of weaknesses in internal control over financial reporting and the implications for earnings quality Sarah McVay (with Jeffrey Doyle [Utah] and Weili Ge [Michigan]) - New York University