2006-2007 Accounting Seminars

The Accounting Division seminar series consists of weekly presentations by eminent academics, prospective faculty members and the division's own faculty members. Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Fridays at 1:30 p.m in 333 Uris. In most years, spring semester seminars are recruiting sessions featuring candidates for faculty positions.

In addition, the division invites distinguished scholars to our annual Burton Workshop.

The current seminar schedule is listed below. If you have any questions, please e-mail the division's Assistant Director.

Date Speaker and Title
9/29/06 Columbia-NYU Conference
10/20/06 Dan Givoly (Penn State) What do Analysts Really Predict? Inferences from Earnings Restatements and Managed Earnings with Carla Hayn (UCLA) and Tim Yoder (Mississippi State)
10/27-28/06 October Burton Workshop

Jennifer Francis (Duke) The Effect of the Amount and Configuration of News on Inferences about Firm-Specific Events with Frank Ecker, Per Olsson and Katherine Schipper (Duke)

John R. M. Hand (Univ. of North Carolina) Give everyone a prize? Employee stock options in private venture-backed firms

David F. Larcker (Stanford) Agency Models of Executive Compensation with Christopher S. Armstrong (Stanford) and Che-Lin Su (Northwestern)

Peter Pope (University of Lancaster) Are Analysts' Loss Functions Asymmetric? with Mark. A. Clatworthy (Cardiff University) and David. A. Peel (Lancaster)

Phillip C. Stocken (Dartmouth) Corporate Governance in a Competitive Environment with Richard C. Sansing (Dartmouth)

Sudhakar Balachandran (Columbia) Is Residual Income Uninformative about Stock Returns with Partha Mohanram (Columbia)

Partha Mohanram (Columbia) Is Information Risk (PIN) Priced? with Shiva Rajgopal (University of Washington)

Andrew Schmidt (Columbia) Earnings Management to Meet or Beat Analyst Earnings Forecasts Through Changes in Interim Expenses with Joseph Comprix (Arizona State) and Lillian Mills (University of Texas)


11/10/06 Alan D. Jagolinzer (Stanford) An Analysis of Insiders? Use of Prepaid Variable Forward Transactions with Steven R. Matsunaga (University of Oregon) and Eric Yeung (University of Georgia)


11/17/06 William Rogerson (Northwestern) Inter-temporal Cost Allocation and Investment Decisions
12/01/06 Richard Saouma (UCLA) An Examination of the Efficiency of Resource Allocation Auctions Within Firms with Stanley Baiman (Wharton), Paul Fischer (Penn State) and Madhav V. Rajan (Stanford)
12/08/07 Regina Wittenberg-Moerman (Wharton) The Impact of Information Asymmetry on Debt Pricing and Maturity


12/15/06 Peter Ove Christensen (Univ. of Aarhus) Equity Valuation: Thirty Years Later with Gerald A. Feltham (Univ. of British Columbia)
1/26/07 Richard M. Frankel (Washington Univ.) GAAP Goodwill and Debt Contracting Efficiency: Evidence from Net-Worth Covenants with Chandra Seethamraju (Mellon Capital Mgmt.) and Tzachi Zach (Washington Univ. in St. Louis)


2/02/07 Steven J. Huddart (Penn State) Stock returns, earnings management, and insider selling during the 1990s stock market bubble with Henock Louis (Penn State)
2/09/07 Oliver Zhen Li (Notre Dame) Capital Gains Taxes and IPO Underpricing with Katrina Ellis (Univ. of California, Davis) and John R. Robinson (Univ. of Texas at Austin)
4/27/06 Four Schools Conference (at NYU this year)