2014-2015 Accounting Seminars

Unless otherwise noted, Fall 2014 seminars are held on Fridays at 1:30 p.m in 331 Uris. In most years, early spring semester seminars are recruiting sessions featuring candidates for faculty positions. In addition, the division invites distinguished scholars to our annual Burton Workshop.

The current seminar schedule is listed below. If you have any questions, please e-mail the division's Assistant Director.

Date Speaker and Title

12:30 PM
141 Uris

Robert Goex (Universitat Zurich)  "Relative Performance Evaluation in Presence of Exposure Risk"


John McInnis (U. of Texas at Austin) Earnings Growth Pressure, Compensation Incentives, and Bank Loan Quality with Shuping Chen and Christopher G. Yust

141 Uris

Florin Vasvari (London Business School) Corporate loan securitization and the standardization of financial covenants with Zahn Bozanic and Maria Loumioti


Stephen Karolyi (Carnegie Mellon)

10:30 a.m.-6:45 p.m.
9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
301 Uris


Catherine M. Schrand (Wharton) Information Diffusion As Reflected In Analyst Forecast Reactions with Daniel J. Taylor, Beverly R. Walther, and Clare Wang

Lakshmanan Shivakumar (London Business School)  Why Do Aggregate Earnings Shocks Predict Future Inflation Shocks? with Oktay Urcan

Phillip C. Stocken (Dartmouth) Accounting Standards, Regulatory Enforcement, and Investment Decisions with Volker Laux

Richard Frankel (WUSTL)  Predicting Accruals based on Problems with Cash Flows with Yan Sun

Pervin Shroff (U. of Minnesota) Active CDS Trading and Managers' Voluntary Disclosure with Jae B. Kim, Dushyantkumar Vyas, and Regina Wittenberg-Moerman

Moritz Hiemann (Columbia) Investment Kernels, Accounting Data and Intrinsic Value with Maureen McNichols and Stefan Reichelstein

Alon Kalay (Columbia) Capital market frictions and bond coupon choice, with Dan Amiram, Avner Kalay, and Naim Bugra Ozel

Sharon Katz (Columbia) Private Ownership and the Cost of Debt: Evidence from the Bond Market with Brad A. Badertscher, Dan Givoly and Hanna Lee

Urooj Khan (Columbia) Real activity forecasts using loan portfolio information with N. Bugra Ozel



Judson Caskey (UT Austin) "Corporate governance, accounting conservatism and manipulation" with Volker Laux

330 Uris

Leslie Hodder (U. of Indiana) "Voluntary Audits and Bank Failure: Do financial statement audits constrain excessive risk taking?" with Jane Barton and Marcy Shephardson


David A. Maber (U. of Michigan) "Client Service, Compensation, and the Sell-Side Analyst Objective Function: An Empirical Analysis of Relational Incentives in the Investment-Research Industry" with Boris Groysberg and Paul M Healy

2:15 p.m.
326 Uris

Brian P. Miller (U. of Indiana) A Plain English Measure of Financial Reporting Readability with Samuel B. Bonsall IV and Andrew J. Leone

2:15 p.m.
326 Uris

Jake Thornock (U. of Washington) IRS Attention with Zahn Bozanic, Jeffrey L. Hoopes and Braden M. Williams

303 Uris

Shiva Sivaramakrishnan (Rice) Voluntary Disclosure and Strategic Stock Repurchases with Praveen Kumar, Nisan Langberg and Jacob Oded