Accounting Seminars 2015-2016

Seminars 2015-2016

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are held on Fridays at 1:30 p.m., rooms indicated below. In most years, early spring semester seminars are recruiting sessions featuring candidates for faculty positions. In addition, the division invites distinguished scholars to our annual Burton Workshop.

The current seminar schedule is listed below. If you have any questions, please e-mail the division's Associate Director.

Yuan Zhang (UT Dallas) "Directors from Related Industries and Management Forecast Accuracy" with Ruihao Ke and Meng Li
Date Speaker and Title
331 Uris
301 Uris
Nerissa Brown (U. of Delaware) "What are you saying? Using topic to detect financial misreporting" with Richard M. Crowley and W. Brooke Elliott
140 Uris
Partha Mohanram (U. of Toronto) "Can Twitter Help Predict Firm-Level Earnings and Stock Returns?" with Eli Bartov and Lucile Faurel
Wed, 10/21/2015
3:55 p.m.
326 Uris
Panos Patatoukas (Berkeley) "Asymmetric Timeliness Estimates of Conditional Conservatism: Separating Accounting from Economics" with Sunil Dutta
307 Uris
Alfred Wagenhofer (U. of Graz)  "Effects of Increasing Enforcement on Financial Reporting Quality and Firm Value" with Ralf Ewert
331 Uris
Shane Heitzman (USC) "Corporate Tax Planning and Stock Returns" with Maria Ogneva
BURTON WORKSHOP 8:00 a.m. 11/13-12:30 p.m. 11/14/2015
301 Uris

Paul Fischer (Wharton) "Strategic Listening" with Mirko S. Heinle and Kevin Smith

Paul M. Healy (Harvard) "Voluntary, Self-Regulatory and Mandatory Disclosure of Oil and Gas Company Payments to Foreign Governments" with George Serafeim

Ivan Marinovic (Stanford) "The Dynamics of Concealment: CEO Myopia and Information Withholding"  with Jeremy Bertomeu, Stephen J. Terry, Felipe Varas

Gregory S. Miller (Michigan) "The Effects of Enhanced Disclosure Requirements on Management Guidance Quality" with Nayana Reiter

M.H. Franco Wong (U. of Toronto) "Buy-Side Analysts and Earnings Conference Calls" with Michael J. Jung and X. Frank Zhang

Edwige Cheynel (Columbia)  "A back-of-the-envelope structural estimator of proprietary costs" with M. Liu-Watts

Fabrizio Ferri (Columbia) "Stock Returns Prior To Contentious Shareholder Votes" with Francois Brochet and Greg Miller

Anne Heinrichs (Columbia) "Who Consumes Firm Disclosures? Evidence from Earnings Conference Calls" with Jihon Park and Eugene Soltes

Suresh Nallareddy (Columbia) "On the Disparity between Corporate Profits and Economic Growth" with Urooj Khan and Ethan Rouen


301 Uris
Alexander Nezlobin (Berkeley) "Accounting Rules, Equity Valuation, and Growth Options" with Dmitry Livdan
332 Uris
William J. Mayew (Duke) "What's in a (school) name? Racial discrimination in higher education bond markets" with Casey Dougal, Pengjie Gao, and Christopher A. Parsons
307 Uris
Karen K. Nelson (Rice) "Mind the Gap: CEO-Employee Pay Ratios and Shareholder Say on Pay Votes" with Steven S. Crawford, and Brian R. Rountree
330 Uris
Michal Matejka (Arizona State) "Balancing Incentive Weights and Difficulty of Performance Targets:Theory and Evidence" with Korok Ray
301 Uris
Rachel M. Hayes (U. of Utah) "Private Information and the Granting of Stock Options" with Mary Ellen Carter and Marlene A. Plumlee
301 Uris
Hemang Desai (Southern Methodist University) "Bank Capital and Monitoring: Evidence from Loan Quality"  with Gauri Bhat
4/14/2016 2:15 PM
301 Uris
Christian Leuz (Chicago)
4/22/2016 Steven Monahan (INSEAD) "Aggregation and Accounting Informativeness" with Daniel A. Bens and Logan B. Steele
5/25/16 140 Uris Mary E. Barth (Stanford)