Competitive Strategy Seminars

Organizer: Charles Angelucci

Administrative Coordinator: Akeem Baird

First Fridays of the Month from 12:30pm to 1:45pm

2016 - 2017 Schedule

Date Room Name
Oct. 7th Uris 331

Sanjog Misra
Scalable Target Marketing

Nov. 4th Uris 331 Birger Wernerfelt
Division of Labor in Multi-Business Firms:  Human Capital, Job Design, and Labor Contracts
Dec 2nd Uris 331 Bob Gibbons
Culture as Cognition and Behavior: How Categorization Can Shape Interaction (and How Leaders Can Shape Categorization?) (with Marco LiCalzib and Massimo Warglienc)
Feb. 3rd Uris 331 Lee Fleming
Escaping competition and competency traps: Identifying how innovative search strategy enables market entry (with Benjamin Balsmeier and Gustavo Manso)
March 3rd Uris 332 Glen Weyl
Quadratic Voting and the Public Good: Introduction (with Eric A. Posner)
April 7th Uris 326 Duncan Simester
The Surprising Breadth of Harbingers of Failure (withCatherine Tucker and Clair Yang)
May 5th Uris Larry Wein
Assessing Risk-Based Policies for Pretrial Release and Split Sentencing in Los Angeles County Jails (with Mericcan Usta)