Economics Curriculum


The Economics division offers a wide variety of electives:

  • The acclaimed macro sequence: GEE II and GEE III (link). 
  • Popular gateway electives on “Economics of Strategic Behavior” and “Game Theory and Business”, which are essential courses for any MBA student, but especially those pursuing a career in consulting, private equity, corporate finance, or strategic management.
  • More specialized electives on Fintech, Emerging markets, Healthcare, Energy…

We are also constantly innovating with new courses. In Spring 2018, we successfully launched an elective on “Modern Econometrics for Business”, which exposes students to novel tools of economic data analysis, which are accessible to businesses and can be applied easily to big data.

To explore our offerings, please follow the links below.

Economics Electives  - Fall 2019Spring 2020

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Core Courses

The Economics Division offers two of the required core courses.

B6200 - Managerial Economics

B6201 - Global Economic Environment