Applied Micro 2006-2007

Fall 2006 Schedule




Sept. 13

Joel Slemrod
(University of Michigan)

Tax Law Changes, Income Shifting and measured Wage Inequality: Evidence from India  (with Jagadeesh Sivadasan)

Sept. 20.

Ricard Gil
(University of California, Santa Cruz)


Airing Your Dirty Laundry: Vertical Integration, Reputational Capital and Social Networks   (with Wesley R. Hartmann)

Sept. 27

Iwan Barankay
(Warwick, CEPR and IZA)

 Social Connections and Incentives in the Workplace: Evidence from Personnel Data (with Oriana Bandiera and Imran Rasul)

Oct. 4

John Van Reenen LSE

 It Ain't What You Do It's The Way That You Do I.T. Investigating The Productivity Miracle Using Multinationals (Nick Bloom and Raffaella Sadun)


Oct. 11

Fernando Ferreira

 Does Political Partisanship Trump the Median Voter? Evidence from U.S. Municipal Governments (with Joseph Gyourko)

Oct. 18

Chris Paxson
(Princeton University)

Cognitive Development Among Young Children in Ecuador: The Roles of Wealth, Health and Parenting (with Norbert Schady)

Oct. 25



Nov. 1

Esther Duflo

 Monitoring works: Getting teachers to come to school (with Rema Hanna)

Nov. 8

Carlos Dobkin
(UC Santa Cruz)

 The Effects of Government Transfers on Monthly Cycles in Drug Abuse, Crime, and Mortality (with Steven L. Puller)

Nov. 15

Karl Scholz
(University of Wisconsin)

Children and Household Wealth (with Ananth Seshadri)

Nov. 22



Nov. 29

Orazio Attanasio


Dec. 6

Monica Singhal

Special Interest Groups and the Allocation of Public Funds

Dec. 13

Lisa Lynch

  Stay, or Stop: the Adoption and Diffusion of Organizational Innovation