Applied Micro 2008-2009

Fall 2008 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
September 10th Ayako Kondo Gender-Specific Labor Market Conditions and Family Formation
September 17th Hannah Lin The Costs of Large Shareholders: Evidence from China
September 24th Ulf Nielsson Stock Exchange Merger and Liquidity
October 1st Joshua Goodman The Labor of Division: Returns to Compulsory Math Coursework
October 8th Erzo Luttmer What Good is Wealth Without Health? The Effect of Health on the Marginal Utility of Consumption? (with Amy Finkelstein and Matthew J. Notowidigdo)
October 15th Rajeev Cherukupalli Adverse Selection and Subsidies: Evidence from Non-group Health Insurance Markets
October 22nd Tumer Kapan  
October 29th Amitabh Chandra Technology and Expenditure Growth in Health Care (with Jonathan S. Skinner)
November 5th Johannes Schmieder Labor Costs and the Evolution of the Firm Size Distribution
November 12th Radha Iyengar I'd rather be Hanged for a Sheep than a Lamb: The Unintended Consequences of 'Three-Strikes' Laws
November 19th Henrik Kleven Transfer Program Complexity and the Take up of Social Benefits
November 26th Thanksgiving  
December 3rd Jesse Rothstein The Value of School Facilities: Evidence from a Dynamic Regression Discontinuity Design (with Stephanie Cellini and Fernando Ferreira)
December 10th  Mushfiq Mobarak


Decentralization and Water Pollution Spillovers: Evidence from the Re-drawing of County Boundaries in Brazil (with Molly Lipscomb)

Spring 2009 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
January 14th Recruiting/TBA  
January 21st Ali Yurukoglu Bundling and Vertical Relationships in Multichannel Television
January 28th Raffaella Sadun Does Planning Regulation Protect Independent Retailers?
February 4th Florian Ederer Launching a Thousands Ships: Incentives for Parallel Innovation
February 11th Damon Jones Inertia and Overwithholding: Explaining the Prevalence of Income Tax Refunds
February 18th Anna Aizer Maternal Stress and Child Well-Being: Evidence from Siblings (with Laura Stroud and Stephen Buka)
February 25th Stefano Della Vigna What Motivates Giving in the Field? (with John List and Ulrike Malmendier)
March 4th Derek Neal  
March 11th Hongbin Li Altruism, Favoritism, and Guilt in the Allocation of Family Resources: Sophie's Choice in Mao's Mass Send Down Movement (with Mark Rosenzweig and Junsen Zhang)
March 18th Spring Break  
March 25th Emily Oster Determinants of Technology Adoption: Private Value and Peer Effects in Menstrual Cup Take-Up (with Rebecca Thornton)
April 1st Dennis Epple Estimation of Casual Effects in Experiments with Multiple Sources of Noncompliance (with John Engberg, Jason Imbrogno, and Holger Sieg)
April 8th Sumit Agarwal Do Financial Counseling Mandates Improve Mortgage Choice and Performance? Evidence from a Natural Experiment (with Gene Amromin, Itzhak Ben-David, Souphala Chomsisengphet, and Douglas D. Evanoff)
April 15th Analia Schlosser Mechanisms and Impacts of Gender Peer Effects at School (with Victor Lavy)
April 29th Tim Besley


May 6th Caroline Hoxby The Governance and Performance of Research Universities: Evidence from Europe and the U.S. (with P. Aghion, M. Dewatripont, A. Mas-Colell, & A. Sapir)
May 13th Martha Bailey The Impact of U.S. Family Planning Programs: Evidence From the War on Poverty and Title X