Applied Micro 2009-2010

Fall 2009 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
September 16th Imran Rasul Team Incentives: Evidence from a Field Experiment (with Oriana Bandiera and Iwan Barankay)
September 23rd Evan Borkum (PhD Student) Grade structure, educational attainment and labor market outcomes: Evidence from Botswana
September 28th (Monday 11:30 am to 1pm 1027 IAB) Fang He (PhD Student)  
September 30th Cecilia Machado (PhD Student) Selection, Heterogeneity and the Gender Wage Gap
October 5th(Monday 11:30 am to 1pm 1027 IAB) Alice Henriques (PhD Student)  
October 7th Raicho Bojilov (PhD Student) Nonrandom Attrition of Employees: Its Causes and Consequences
October 12th (Monday 11:30 am to 1pm 1027 IAB) Dan Carvell (PhD Student)  
October 14th Johannes Schmeider (PhD Student) Labor Costs and the Evolution of New Establishments
October 19th (Monday 11:30 am to 1pm 1027 IAB) Herdis Steingrimsdottir (PhD Student)  Access to the Birth Control Pill and Young's People's Career Plans
October 21st Phil Levine Recessions, Reeling Markets, and Retiree Well-Being (with Courtney C. Coile)
October 26th (Monday 11:30 am to 1pm 1027 IAB) Yinghua He (PhD Student)  
October 28th Kenneth Chay Medicare, Hospital Utilization and Mortality: Evidence from the Program’s Origins (with Daeho Kim and Shailender Swaminathan)
November 4th Adair Morse Information Disclosure, Cognitive Biases and Payday Borrowing (with Marianne Bertrand)
November 11th Jonathan Guryan Birth Cohort and the Black-White Achievement Gap: The Roles of Access and Health Soon after Birth (with Kenneth Y. Chay and Bhashkar Mazumder)
November 18th Lisa Kahn Employer Learning, Productivity and the Earnings Distribution: Evidence from Performance Measures (with Fabian Lange)
November 25th Thanksgiving  
December 2nd    
December 9th Fabien Postel-Vinay Non-Stationary Search Equilibrium (with Giuseppe Moscarini)

Spring 2010 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
January 13th Recruiting  
January 20th Recruiting  
January 27th Recruiting  
February 3rd Recruiting  
February 17th Fabian Lange Changes In The Characteristics Of American Youth: Implications For Adult Outcomes (with Joseph G. Altonji and Prashant Bharadwaj)
February 24th Heather Royer The Effect of Education on Adult Mortality and Health: Evidence from Britain (with Damon Clark)
March 3rd Damon Clark The Signaling Value of a High School Diploma (with Paco Martorell)
March 10th    
March 24th C. Kirabo Jackson Peer Quality or Input Quality?: Evidence from Trinidad and Tobago
March 31st    
April 7th Elizabeth Cascio Cracks in the Melting Pot: Immigration, School Choice, and Segregation (with Ethan G. Lewis)
April 14th Kasey Buckles Changing the Price of Marriage: Evidence from Blood Test Requirements (with Melanie Guldi and Joseph Price)
April 21st Thomas Lemieux Occupational Tasks and Changes in the Wage Structure (with Sergio Firpo and Nicole Fortin)
April 28th Chulhee Lee Military Service and Economic Mobility: Evidence from the American Civil War
May 5th John Bound Reconciling Findings on the Employment Effect of Disability Insurance (with Stephan Lindner and Timothy Waidmann)
May 12th Severin Borenstein The Redistributional Impact of Non-Linear Electricity Pricing