Applied Micro 2010-2011

Fall 2010 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
September 14th at 12:30 to 2pm in Uris 326 Mark Duggan Paying a Premium on your Premium? Consolidation in the U.S. Health Insurance Industry
Thursday, September 16th Mark Rosensweig (Yale) Human Capital Investment and the Gender Division of Labor in a Brawn-Based Economy (with Mark M. Pitt and Nazmul Hassan)
September 22nd Armin Falk (U. of Bonn) Preferences for Consistency (with Florian Zimmermann)
September 29th Alice Henriques (PhD Student) How Does Social Security Claiming Respond to Incentives? Considering Husband’s Benefits Separately from Spouse and Survivor Benefits
October 6th Solomon Hsiang (PhD Student)  
October 13th Mark Duggan (U. of Maryland) Does Risk Adjustment Reduce Selection in the Private Health Insurance Market? New Evidence from the Medicare Advantage Program (with Jason Brown, Ilyana Kuziemko, and William Woolston)
October 20th Ilyana Kuziemko (Princeton) "Last-place Aversion": Evidence and Redistributive Implications (with Ryan Buell, Taly Reich and Michael Norton)
October 27th Joseph Hotz (Duke) Modeling College Major Choices using Elicited Measures of Expectations and Counterfactuals (with Peter Arcidiacono adn Songman Kang
November 3rd Ed Lazear (Stanford) Why Do Inventories Rise When Demand Falls in Housing and Other Markets?
November 10th Jens Ludwig (U of Chicago) The effects of school desegregation on crime (with David A. Weiner and Byron F. Lutz)
November 17th Glenn Loury (Brown University)  
December 1st Scott Carrell (UC Davis) From Natural Variation to Optimal Policy: A Cautionary Tale in How Not to Improve Student Outcomes (with Bruce I. Sacerdote and James E. West)
December 8th Marianne Bertrand (U of Chicago) Is It Whom You Know or What You Know? An Empirical Assessment of the Lobbying Process (with Matilde Bombardini and Francesco Trebbi)
December 9th at 6pm to 7:30 in Uris 307  Esther Duflo The miracle of microfinance? Evidence from a randomized evaluation (with Abhijit Banerjee,  Rachel Glennerster, and Cynthia Kinnan)

Spring 2011 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
January 26th job market  
February 2md job market  
February 9th job market  
February 16th job market  
February 23rd Patrick Bayer (Duke) Jury Discrimination in Criminal Trials (with Randi Hjalmarsson and Shamena Anwar)
March 2nd David Jaeger (CUNY)  
March 9th Jordi Blanes I Vidal (LSE) Revolving Door Lobbyists (with Mirko Draca and Christian Fons-Rosen)
March 23rd Richard Hornbeck (Harvard) Farming the Ogallala Aquifer: Short-run and Long-run Impacts of Groundwater Access (with Pinar Keskin)
March 30th Pierre-Andre Chiappori Multidimensional Matching: Theory and Empirical Applications
April 6th David Abrams (UPenn) Learning About Real Economics in Virtual Worlds
April 13th Victor Lavy (Hebrew U) How Responsive is Investment in Schooling to Changes in Returns? Evidence from an Unusual Pay Reform in Israel’s Kibbutzim (with Ran Abramitzky)
April 20th Amanda Kowalski (Yale) Estimating the Tradeoff Between Risk Protection and Moral Hazard with a Nonlinear Budget Set Model of Health Insurance
April 27th Josh Angrist (MIT) Explaining heterogeneous charter school effects
May 4th Amy Finkelstein (MIT) The Oregon Medicaid Experiment: Evidence from the First Year (with Sarah Taubman, Heidi Allen, Mira Bernstein, Jonathan Gruber, Joseph P. Newhouse, Bill Wright, Kate Baicker, and the Oregon Health Study Group)