Applied Micro 2012-2013

Fall 2012 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
September 5th Maya Rossin-Slater Engaging Absent Fathers: Lessons from Paternity Establishments Programs
September 12th S Anukriti Financial Incentives, Fertility and Sex Ratio: Evidence from Haryana's Devirupak
September 19th Patrick Asuming  
September 26th Hyunchoel Kim Is Mass Cancer Screening Necessary? Effects and Behavioral Responses
October 3rd Mel Stephens Schooling Laws, School Quality, and the Returns to Schooling (with Dou-Yan Yang)
October 10th Alex Mas Do Credit Market Shocks affect the Real Economy? Quasi-Experimental Evidence from the Great Recession and `Normal’ Economic Times (with Michael Greenstone)
October 17th Craig Garthwaite The White/Black Educational Gap, Stalled Progress, and the Long Term Consequences of the Emergence of Crack Cocaine Markets (with William Evans and Timothy Moore)
October 24th Jon Kolstad Mandate-Based Health Reform and the Labor Market: Evidence from the Massachuesetts Reform (with Amanda Kowalski)
October 31st Konrad Burchardi The Economic Impact of Social Ties: Evidence from German Reunification (with Tarek A. Hassan)
November 7th Camille Landais Taxes, Wage Bargaining and Migration: Evidence from Top-Income Foreigners in Denmark
November 14th Melissa Kearney House Prices and Birth Rates: The Impact of the Real Estate Market on the Decision to Have a Baby (with Lisa Dettling)
November 21st No Seminar- Thanksgiving  
November 28th Robert Jensen Keepin 'em Down on the Farm: Migration and Strategic Investment in Children's Schooling
December 5th Kjell Salvanes This Is Only a Test? Long-Run Impacts of Prenatal Exposure to Radioactive Fallout from Nuclear Weapon Testing

Spring 2013 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
Feb. 27th Dan Hamermesh Endophilia or Exophobia: Beyond Discrimination (with Jan Feld and Nicolas Salamanca)
March 6th Flavio Cunha Eliciting Maternal Beliefs about the Technology of Skill Formation (with Jennifer Culhane, and Irma Elo)
March 13th Giorgio Topa  
March 20th Spring Break  
March 27th Sue Dynarski Stand and Deliver: Lottery-Based Estimates of the Effect of Charter Schools on College Preparation, Entry & Choice
April 3rd Orazio Attanasio Early Childhood Development in Colombia: Impact of a Stimulation Intervention and Estimation of Human Capital Accumulation Production Function
April 10th    
April 17th Henrik Kleven Housing Market Respsonses to Transaction Taxes: Evidence from Notches and Stimulus in the UK (with Michael Carlos Best)
April 24th Konrad Burchardi The Economic Impact of Social Ties
May 1st Paul Oyer Welcome to the Club: The Returns to An Elite Degree for American Lawyers (with Scott Schaefer)
May 8th Jon Gruber Evolving Choice Inconsistencies in Choice of Drug Insurance: Do Choices Improve Over Time? (with Jason Abaluck)