Applied Microeconomics 2014-2015

Fall 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
Sept. 3rd    
Sept. 10th Michael Mueller- Smith The Criminal and Labor Market Impacts of Incarceration
Sept. 17th Ferran Elias Can Hiring Credits Increase Employment During Weak Recoveries? Evidence from Young and Senior Workers in Spain
Sept. 24th Katherine Meckel The Incidence of Price Reform in Transfer Programs: Evidence from WIC
Oct. 1st Jessica van Parys How Do Managed Care Plans Reduce Healthcare Costs?
Oct. 8th Guido Friebel Sorting of Motivated Agents: Evidence from Applicants to the German Police (joint with Michael Kosfeld and Gerd Thielmann)
Oct. 15th Harold Stolper Home Equity Credit and College Access: Evidence from Texas Home Lending Laws
Oct. 22nd Richard Blundell (PER Weekly Visitor) Female Labor Supply, Human Capital and Welfare Reform
Oct. 29th Stefanie Stantcheva Optimal Taxation and Human capital policies over the Lifecycle
Nov. 5th Emily Oster Diabetes and Diet: Behavioral Response and the Value of Health
Nov. 12th Johannes Schmieder Reference-Dependent Job Search: Evidence from Hungary
Nov. 19th Claus Kreiner Distributional Effects of Bequest: Evidence from Danish Wealth Records
Nov. 26th Thanksgiving  
Dec. 3rd Nava Ashraf (week-long) Do-Gooders and Go-Getters: Career Incentives, Selection, and Performance in Public Services Delivery (with Oriana Bandiera and Scott Lee)

Spring 2015 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
Feb 11th Job Talk  
Feb 18th Job Talk  
Feb 25th Joana Naritomi Consumers as Tax Auditors
March 4th No Seminar  
March 11th Christian Fons-Rosen The Consequences of Entrepreneurial Firm Founding on Innovation
March 18th Sprng Break  
March 25th Michael Grossman Moral Hazard and Less Invasive Medical Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease: The Case of Cigarette Smoking
April 1st Christopher Neilson Student Loans, College Choice and Information on the Returns to Higher Education
April 8th Josef Zweimueller Market Externalities of Large Unemployment Insurance Extension Programs
April 15th Joe Altonji Group-Average Observables as Controls for Sorting on Unobservables when Estimating Group Treatment Effects: The Case of School and Neighborhood Effects
April 22nd Christopher Walters Evaluating public programs with close substitutes: The case of Head Start (with Patrick Kline)
April 29th Kosali Simon Early Labor Market Impacts of the Affordable Care Act 2014 Medicaid Expansion (with Angshuman Gooptu, Asako Moriya and Benjamin Sommers)