Applied Microeconomics 2015-2016

Fall 2015 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
Sept. 9th    
Sept. 16th Miika Rokkanen (Columbia Econ) "Partial Identification in Regression Discontinuity Designs with Manipulated Running Variables" (with Francois Gerard and Christoph Rothe)
Sept. 23rd Xing Xia (Job Market) "What Explains the Rise of For-Profit Universities? Evidence from Dental Assistant Programs"
Sept. 30th Elliot Ash (Job market) "Maybe not 'the worst tax' after all: The effect of property taxes on local labor markets"
Oct. 7th David Deming “The Growing Importance of Social Skills in the Labor Market”
Oct. 14th Meiping Sun (Job Market) “Unexpected Crowd-Funding on the Hudson: Why Riders Are Lending Subway Authority $150 Million More Interest-Free?”
Oct. 21st Fabian Waldinger "International Knowledge Flows: Evidence from the Collapse of International Science in the Wake of WWI" (with Andrew Iaria)
Oct. 28th Jonas Hjort (CBS) "Public Sector Workers, Organizations and Policies: Untangling the Drivers of Government Effectiveness"
Nov. 4th Andrew Shephard "Optimal Taxation, Marriage, Home Production, and Family Labor Supply" (with George-Levi Gayle)
Nov. 11th Amy Finkelstein "The Economic Consequences of Hospital Admissions" (with Carlos Dobkin, Ray Kluender, and Matt Notowidigdo)
Nov. 18th Jonanthan Meer "The Effects of Teach for America on Student College-Going"
Nov. 25th No Seminar  
Dec. 2nd Jens Ludwig “Human Decisions and Machine Predictions”

Spring 2016 Schedule

Date Speaker Paper
Jan 20th    
Jan 27th Job Talk  
Feb 3rd    
Feb 10th    
Feb 17th Christoph Rothe Inference in Regression Discontinuity Designs with a Discrete Running Variable (joint with Michal Kolesar)
Feb 24th Nathaniel Hendren Knowledge of Future Job Loss and Implications for Unemployment Insurance
March 2nd Bernard Fortin Peer Effects Heterogeneity in Obesity
March 9th Jeff Clemens The Low-Skilled Labor Market from 2002 to 2014: Measurement and Mechanisms
March 16th No Seminar  
March 23rd Daron Acemoglu The Perils of Top-down State Building: Evidence from Colombia's False Positives
March 30th Miguel Almunia Under the Radar: The Effects of Monitoring Firms on Tax Compliance (with David Lopez-Rodriguez) 
April 6th Henrik Kleven Children and Gender Inequality: Evidence from Denmark
April 13th Johannes Spinnewijn The Optimal Timing of Unemployment Benefits: Theory and Evidence from Sweden 
April 20th Parag Pathak Research Design Meets Market Design: Using Centralized Assignment for Impact Evaluation
April 27th Nathan Nunn