Economic Theory 2010-2011

Fall 2010 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
September 13th Ran Spiegler Price Competition under Limited Comparability (with Michele Piccione)
September 20th Andrew Caplin Markets for Indivisible Goods  Paper #1 Paper #2
September 27th Dale Stahl Between-Game Rule Learning in Dissimilar Symmetric Normal-Form Games (with Ernan Haruvy)
October 4th Richard Holden Integration and Information: Firms’Governance in Rational Expectations Equilibrium (with Robert Gibbons and Michael Powell)
October 11th Eyal Winter Contracting with Heterogeneous Externalities (with Shai Bernsteiny)
October 18th Massimo Morelli Internal Hierarchy and Stable Coalition Structures (with In-Uck Park)
October 25th Kyungmin (Teddy) Kim Endogenous Market Segmentation for Lemons
November 1st Wouter Dessein Pandering to Persuade (with Yeon-Koo Che and Navin Kartik)
November 8th Colin Stewart Price distortions with high-frequency trading (joint with Jakub Steiner)
November 15th Christopher Harris Games with Exhaustible Resources (with Sam Howison and Ronnie Sircar)
November 22nd Amrita Dhillon Corporate Control and Multiple Large Shareholders (with Silvia Rossetto)
November 29th Curtis Taylor Stairway to Heaven or Highway to Hell: Liquidity, Sweat Equity, and the Uncertain Path to Ownership (with
R. Vijay Krishna and Giuseppe Lopomo)
December 6th Wioletta Dziuda Dynamic Collective Choice with Endogenous Status Quo (with Antoine Loeper)
December 13th Qingmin Liu Limited Records and Reputation (with Andrzej Skrzypacz)


Spring 2011 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
January 24th job market  
January 31st job market  
February 7th job market  
February 14th V. Bhaskar Incentives and the Shadow of the Future: Dynamic Moral Hazard with Learning
February 21st Alfred Galichon Efficiency in Matching
Feb. 28th Yan Chen From Boston to Shanghai to Deferred Acceptance: Theory and Experiments on A Family of School Choice Mechanisms (with Omur Kesten)
March 7th Jean-Pierre Benoit Apparent Overconfidence (with Juan Dubra)
March 14th Spring Break  
March 21st Larry Samuelson Incentives for Experimenting Agents (with Johannes Horner)
March 28th Michael Magill Expectations of Inflation, the Term Structure of Interest Rates and Monetary Policy (with Martine Quinzii)
April 4th Joel Sobel Effective Communication in Cheap-Talk Games (with Navin Kartik)
April 11th Tracy Lewis Selective Disclosure of Public Information:Who Needs to Know? (with Qi Chen and Yun Zhung)
April 18th Philippe Mongin Logical Aggregation Theory and the Doctrinal Paradox
April 25th Marek Pycia Stability and Preference Alignment in Matching and Coalition Formation
May 2nd Tim Van Zandt The Trade-off of Flexibility in Health Insurance Choice