Economic Theory 2011-2012

Fall 2011 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
September 12th Andrea Prat Screening with an Approximate Type Space (with Kristof Madarasz)
September 19th Simon Board Relational Contracts in Competitive Labor Markets (with Moritz Meyer-Ter-Vehn)
September 26th Xavier Gabaix Game Theory with Sparsity-Based Bounded Rationality
October 3rd Jeff Ely Overbooking (with Daniel Garrett and Toomas Hinnosaar)
October 10th Takakazu Honryo Dynamic Persuasion
October 17th Fuhito Kojima Promoting School Competition Through School Choice: A Market Design Approach (with John W. Hatfield and Yusuke Narita)
October 24th Jidong Zhou Exploding Offers and Buy-Now Discounts (with Mark Armstrong)
October 31st Eduardo Perez Richet Complicating to Persuade? (with Delphine Prady)
November 7th In-Uck Park Seller Reputation and Trust in Pre-Trade Communication (with Bruno Jullien)
November 14th Konrad Mierendorff Optimal Dynamic Mechanism Design with Deadlines
November 21st Mike Whinston Property Rights and Bargaining Inefficiency (with Ilya Segal)
November 28th Alexander Wolitzky Reputational Bargaining with Minimal Knowledge of Rationality
December 5th Bruno Strulovici Contracts, Information Persistence, and Renegotiation


Spring 2012 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
February 13th Jinwoo Kim Generalization Reduced-Form Auctions: A Network-Flow Appraoch (with Yeon-Koo Che and Konrad Mierendorff
February 20th Tri Vi Dang Ignorance, Debt and Financial Crisis
February  27th Pierre Fleckinger Incentives for Qualtity in Friendly and Hostile Informational Environments (with Matthieu Glachant and Gabrielle Moineville)
March 5th Juan Carrillo Resource Allocation in the Brain (with Ricardo Alonso and Isabelle Brocas)
March 12th Spring Break  
March19th Pierpaolo Battigalli Selfconfirming Equilibrium and Model Uncertainity (with S. Cerreia-Vioglio, F. Maccheroni, and M. Marinacci)
March 26th Roland Strausz Hierarchical Structures and Dynamic Incentives (with Dongsoo Shin)
April 2nd Mark Dean Estimating the Relationship between Economic Preferences:
A Testing Ground for Unified Theories of Behavior
April 9th Prajit Dutta Bargaining and the Nash Solution
April 16th Kalyan Chatterjee Credibility and Strategic Learning in Networks (with Bhaskar Dutta)
April 23rd Dilip Mookherjee Mechanism Design with Communication Constraints (with Masatoshi Tsumagari)
April 30th Jun Xiao Asymmetric All-Pay Contests with Heterogeneous Prizes