Economic Theory 2013-2014

Fall 2013 Schedule

Date Name Topic
Sept. 9th Jacob Leshno  
Sept. 16th Aislinn Bohren  
Sept. 23rd Antonio Penta  
Sept. 30th Debraj Ray  
Oct. 7th Bruno Strulovici
(PER Visitor)
Oct. 14th Laurent Mathevet  
Oct. 21st Leeat Yariv
(PER Visitor)
Oct. 28th Konrad Mierendorff  
Nov. 4th University Holiday  
Nov. 11th Nageeb Ali  
Nov. 18th Gabriel Carrol  
Nov. 25th Jawaad Noor  
Dec. 2nd Clara Ponsati  
Dec. 9th    

Spring 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
February 17th No Meeting  
February 24th No Meeting  
March 3rd Botond Koszegi (Berkeley/Budapest; Week-Long Visitor) Naivete-Based Contract Offers (with Paul Heidhues)
March 10th Gonzalo Cisternas (MIT) Two-Sided Learning and Moral Hazard
March 17th Spring Break  
March 24th Olivier Compte (PER Visitor) Ignorance, Uncertainty and Strategy restrictions
March 31st Rajiv Sethi (Columbia) Perspectives, Opinions, and Information Flows (with Muhamet Yildiz)
April 7th Fabio Maccheroni (Bocconi) A New Look at Local Expected Utility (with S. Cerreia-Vioglio and M. Marinacci)
April 14h Alireza Tahbaz-Salehi (Columbia) Systemic Risk and Stability in Financial Networks (with Daron Acemoglu and  Asuman Ozdaglar)
April 21st Andrew Schotter (NYU) (PER Visitor) On Blame and Reciprocity: An Experimental Study (with Bogachan Celen and Mariana Blanco)
April 28th Daniel Barron (Northwestern) The Allocation of Future Business: Dynamic Relational Contracts with Multiple Agents (with Isaiah Andrewsy)
May 5th Stephen Morris (Princeton; PER Visitor) Information, Interdependence, and Interaction: Where Does the Volatility Come From? (with Dirk Bergemann and Tibor Heumann)