Economic Theory Workshop 2015-2016

Economic Theory Workshop Fall 2015 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
Sept. 14th Hugo Hopenhayn "Dynamic Bidding in Second Price Auctions" (with Maryam Saeedi)
Sept. 21st Simone Galperti "Delegating Resource Allocation: Multidimensional Information vs. Decisions"
Sept. 28th Andreas Blume "Language Games"
Oct. 5th Renee Bowen "Dynamic Coalitions"
Oct. 12th Rani Spiegler "Missing Data, Bayesian Networks and Non-Rational Expectations"
- Paper One
- Paper Two
Oct. 19th Roberto Serrano “Slutsky Matrix Norms: The Size, Classification, and Comparative Statics of Bounded Rationality” (with Victor Aguiar) 
Oct. 26th George Mailath "The Curse of Long Horizons"
Nov. 2nd Laurent Mathevet "Information Design: The Random Posterior Approach"
Nov. 9th David Rahman "The Dilemma of the Cypress and the Oak Tree"
Nov. 16th Mihai Manea "Intermediation and Resale in Networks"
Nov. 23rd Tomaz Strzalecki "Stochastic Choice and Optimal Sequential Sampling" (with Drew Fudenberg and Philipp Strack)
Nov. 30th Alessandro Pavan "Re-matching: Experimentation and Cross-subsidization"
Dec. 7th Federico Echenique  


Economic Theory Workshop Spring 2016 Schedule

Date Speaker Topic
Jan 25th Job Talk  
Feb 1st Job Talk  
Feb 15th Prajit Dutta and Paolo Siconolfi  Unique and Optimal Perfect Equilibrium
Feb 22nd. Navin Kartik Muddled Information
Feb 29th Juan Dubra  
March 7th Marina Agranov  
March 14th Spring Break  
March 21st Deszo Szalay  
March 28th Suehyun Kwon  
April 4th Heng Liu  
April 11th Marcin Peski  
April 18th Marek Pycia  
April 25th Juuso Toikka