Industrial Strategy 2007

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Fall 2007 Schedule

Date Speaker
September 11 Jeremy Bulow (Stanford) (Joint with Theory), "When Are Auctions Best?" (with Paul Klemperer).
September 14
IO Day at NYU (New York Commuter Industrial Organization Workshop).
September 18 Mike Whinston (Northwestern),  "Sequential Merger Review" (with Volker Nocke).
September 25 Leemore Dafny (Northwestern, Kellogg School), "Are Health Insurance Markets Competitive? A Test of Direct Price Discrimination."
October 2 Thomas Wiseman (Univ. Texas, Austin) (Joint with Theory), "Reputation and Exogenous Private Learning."
October 9 Frank Wolak (Stanford), "A Comparison of Ex Ante versus Ex Post Vertical Market Power: Evidence from the Electricity Supply Industry" (with Joshua Gans).
October 16 (Seminar cancelled)
October 23 Ting Wu (Columbia), "Competition in the Payday Lending Industry - Evidence from Colorado."
October 30 Wouter Dessein (University of Chicago), "The Delegation Principle Revisited" (Joint with Theory). See related paper, "Centralization Versus Decentralization: An Application to Price Setting by a Multi-Market."
November 6 [University Holiday]
November 13 Joy Ishii (Stanford), "Compatibility, Competition and Investment in Network Industries: ATM Networks in the Banking Industry"
November 20 Stephen Ryan (MIT), "A Simple Nonparametric Estimator for the Distribution of Rrandom Coefficients in Discrete Choice Models" (with Patrick Bajari, Jeremy Fox, and Kyoo il Kim).
November 27 Susan Athey (Harvard), "Position Auctions with Consumer Search" (with Glenn Ellison). Joint with NYU, at Columbia.

December 4

Jeremy Fox (University of Chicago), "Measuring the Efficiency of an FCC Spectrum Auction" (with Patrick Bajari).
December 11 Andrew Sweeting (Duke University), "Dynamic Product Repositioning in Differentiated Product Markets: The Case of Format Switching in the Commercial Radio Industry"

Spring 2007 Schedule

Date Speaker
February 13 Tilman Borgers ( University of Michigan), "Equilibrium Bids in Sponsored Search Auctions: Theory and Evidence" (with Ingemar Cox, Martin Pesendorfer and Vaclav Petricek).
February 20 Jeff Campbell (Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago), "Oligopoly Dynamics with Barriers to Entry" (with Jaap Abbring).
February 27 In Ho Lee ( Seoul National University), "Competition in the Credit Rating Industry."
March 6 (No seminar -- Spring Break, Business School)
March 13 (No seminar -- Spring Break, Columbia University at large)
March 20, 12:00 noon - 1:30 Daron Acemoglu (MIT), "Persistence of Power, Elites and Institutions" (with James A. Robinson). Joint with Law School. To be held in 502 Law School (Jerome Green Hall).
March 26 (MONDAY, 4:10 - 6:00) Michael Raith, "Resource Allocation and Firm Scope" (with Guido Friebel). Joint with LEF. To be held in  Room 701, Law School (Jerome Green Hall).
April 3 Andrew Sweeting (Northwestern), "The Costs of Product Repositioning: The Case of Format Switching in the Radio Industry."
April 10 Liran Einav (Stanford), "Liquidity Constraints and Imperfect Information in Subprime Lending" (with William Adams and Jonathan Levin).
April 17
4:00 - 5:30
Mark Amstrong (University College London). Joint with NYU.  To be held at NYU -- Stern School, 44 West 4th St., Room 7-191. "Competitive Nonlinear Pricing and Bundling" (with John Vickers).
April 24 Pierre Picard (Ecole Polytechnique),  "Providers' Affiliation, Insurance and Collusion" (with Jean-Marc Bourgeon and Jerome Pouyet).