Industrial Strategy 2008

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Fall 2008 Schedule

Date Speaker
September 9th Brett Gordon (Columbia), “Durable Goods Oligopoly with Innovation: Theory and Empirics” (with Ron Goettler).
September 16th Cancelled [Ran Spiegler, Consideration Sets and Competitive Marketing" (with Kfir Eliaz).]
September 23rd Steve Berry (Yale), "Nonparametric Identification of Multinomial Choice Demand Models with Heterogeneous Consumers" (with Philip Haile). Joint with Econometrics.
September 30th TBD
October 7th Sergei Koulayev (Columbia), "Estimating Search with Learning."
October 14th Xavier Vives (IESE/University of Navarra), "Strategic Supply Function Competition with Private Information."
October 21st
(At NYU)
TIME: 4:00
Severin Borenstein (Univ. of California at Berkeley), "Equity (and some efficiency) Effects of Increasing-Block Electricity Pricing."
Joint with NYU/Stern School. Address: 44 West 4th St., Rm. 7-191
October 28th Phillip Leslie (Stanford), "The Welfare Effects of Ticket Resale" (with Alan Sorensen).
November 4th [Election Day -- no seminar]
November 11th Julie Mortimer (Harvard), "Demand Estimation Under Incomplete Product Availability" (with Christopher T. Conlon).
November 18th Robert Pindyck (MIT), "Sunk Costs and Risk-Based Barriers to Entry."
November 24th
(Monday - extra seminar date)
Matt Gentzkow (University of Chicago), "The Effect of Newspaper Exits on Political Participation: A Regression Discontinuity Approach" (with Jesse Shapiro and Michael Sinkinson).
Joint with Theory. Time: 2:30-4:00, IAB 1027
November 25th Uli Doraszelski (Harvard), "Lumpy Capacity Investment and Disinvestment Dynamics" (with David Besanko, Lauren Xiaoyuan Lu and Mark Satterthwaite). Joint with Theory
December 2nd
(At NYU)
Time: 4:00
Tom Hubbard (Kellogg/Northwestern), "The Economics of 'Radiator Springs': Industry Dynamics, Sunk Costs, and Spatial Demand Shifts" (with Jeffrey R. Campbell). Joint with NYU/Stern School/
December 9th
Jerome Pouyet (Ecole Polytechnique), "Anticompetitive Vertical Mergers Waves" (with Johan Hombert and Nicolas Schutz).
December 16
Catherine Thomas (Columbia), "Organizational Form, Information Asymmetry, and Market Prices."

Spring 2008 Schedule

Date Speaker
January 22 Robin Lee (Harvard), "Vertical Integration and Exclusivity in Platform and Two-Sided Markets."
February 12 Joshua Lustig (Yale), "The Welfare Effects of Adverse Selection in Privatized Medicare."
February 19 Greg Lewis (Harvard), "Asymmetric Information, Adverse Selection and Seller Disclosure: The Case of eBay Motors."
February 26 Andrei Hagiu (Harvard Business School), "Designing a Two-Sided Platform: When To Increase Search Costs?" (with Bruno Jullien).
March 4 Michael Riordan (Columbia), "Low-Income Demand for Local Telephone Service: Effects of Lifeline and Linkup" (with Daniel Ackerberg, Greg Rosston and Brad Wimmer).
March 11
4:00 p.m.
David Martimort (IDEI - Toulouse) (Joint with NYU - Will be held at the Stern School, at 4:00 p.m.), "Mechanism Design with Bilateral Contracting" (with Vianney Dequiedt).
March 25 Kate Ho (Columbia), “The Effects of Full-line Forcing Contracts (with Justin Ho and Julie Mortimer).
April 1 Curtis Taylor (Duke), "Subjective Performance and the Value of Blind Evaluation" (with Huseyin Yildirim).
April 8 Amit Gandhi (Wisconsin), "Rational Expectations at the Racetrack: Testing Expected Utility Using Prediction Market Prices."
April 15 Jon Levin (Stanford), "Contract Pricing in Consumer Credit Markets" (with Liran Einav and Mark Jenkins).
April 22 Michael Schwarz (Yahoo), "Towards an Efficient Mechanism for Prescription Drug Procurement" (with Kyna Fong).
April 29 John Vickers (Oxford), "A Model of Delegated Project Choice with Application to Merger Policy" (with Mark Armstrong).