Industrial Strategy 2009

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Fall 2009 Schedule

Date Speaker
September 15
NOTE: all seminars this semester will be in 306 Uris
Oriana Bandiera (London School of Economics), "Matching Firms, Managers, and Incentives" (with Luigi Guiso, Andrea Prat and Raffaella Sadun).
September 22 Yinghua He (Columbia), "Sophistication Level of Players and Efficiency of the Boston Mechanism: Evidence from Beijing."
September 29 Canice Prendergast (University of Chicago), "Contracts and Conflict in Organizations"
October 6 Chad Syverson (University of Chicago), "Why Do Firms Own Production Chains?"
October 13 Andrea Prat (London School of Economics), "What Do CEOs Do? A Time Use Analysis of 103 Top Italian Managers"  (with Oriana Bandiera, Luigi Guiso and Raffaella Sadun).
October 20 Carlos Perez Montes (Columbia), "Regulatory Bias in the Price Structure of Local Telephone Service."
October 27 Uri Gneezy (University of California, San Diego), "Testing the Effect of Culture, Norms and Economic Institutions on Preferences."
November 3 Mara Lederman (University of Toronto), "Does Vertical Integration Affect Firm Performance? Evidence from the Airline Industry" (with Silke J. Forbes).
November 10 Eric Budish (University of Chicago), "The Multi-Unit Assignment Problem: Theory and Evidence from Course Allocation at Harvard," with "The Combinatorial Assignment Problem: Approximate Competitive Equilibrium from Equal Incomes."
November 17 Francesco Decarolis (University of Wisconsin - Madison), "When the Highest Bidder Loses the Auction: Theory and Evidence from Public Procurement."
November 24 Justine Hastings (Yale), "Wholesale Price Discrimination and Regulation: Implications for Retail Gasoline Prices."
December 1 Volker Nocke (Oxford; visiting Northwestern), "Vertical Relations under Credit Constraints" (with John Thanassoulis).
December 8 Nick Bloom (Stanford), "Management Matters: Evidence from India" (with Benn Eifert, Aprajit Mahajan, David McKenzie and John Roberts).
December 15 Felix Oberholzer-Gee (Harvard), "Truth in Giving: Experimental Evidence on the Welfare Effects of Informed Giving to the Poor" (with Christina Fong).

Spring 2009 Schedule

Date Speaker
January 23 James Roberts (Northwestern), "Unobserved Heterogeneity and Reserve Prices in Auctions"
February 10 Marina Halac (University of California, Berkeley), "Relational Contracts and the Value of Relationships"
April 28 Andres Hervas-Drane (Pompeu Fabra University), "Word of Mouth and Taste Matching: A Theory of the Long Tail"
May 12
Avi Goldfarb (University of Toronto), "Who Thinks about the Competition? Managerial Ability and Strategic Entry in US Local Telephone Markets" (with Mo Xiao)