Industrial Strategy 2010

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Fall 2010 Schedule

Date Speaker
Sept. 7 Marcelo Olivares (Columbia), "The Design of Combinatorial Auctions for Procurement: An Empirical Study of the Chilean School Meals Auction" (with Gabriel Weintraub, Daniel Yung and Rafael Epstein).
Sept. 14 Ernst Fehr (University of Zurich), "The Lure of Authority -- Motivation and Incentive Effects of Power" (with Holger Herz and Tom Wilkening).
Sept. 21 Joshua Gans (Melbourne Business School), "Will the Internet Kill the News Media?" (with Susan Athey and Emilio Calvano). 
Sept. 28 John Rust (University of Maryland), "A Dynamic Model of Leap-Frogging Investments and Bertrand Price Competition" (with Joseph Harrington, Fedor Iskhakov and Bertel Schjerning).
Oct. 5 Robert Gibbons (MIT - Sloan School), “Relational Contracts and the Origins of Organizational Capabilities” (with Rebecca Henderson).
Oct. 12 Igal Hendel (Northwestern), "A Simple Model of Demand Anticipation" (with Aviv Nevo).
Oct. 19 Niko Matouschek (Northwestern - Kellogg School), "The Burden of Past Promises and the Evolution of Trust" (with Jin Li).
Oct. 26
(In 1027 IAB)
Ginger Jin (University of Maryland), "Learning by Doing with Asymmetric Information: Evidence from" (with Seth Freedman).
Nov. 2 No Seminar - Election Day Holiday
Nov. 9 Arthur Fishman (Bar-Ilan University), "Business as Usual: A Consumer Search Theory of Sticky Prices and Asymmetric Price Adjustment" (with Luis Cabral).
Nov. 16 John Graham (Duke - Fuqua School), “Capital Allocation and Delegation of Decision-Making Authority Within Firms" (with Cam Harvey and Manju Puri).
Nov. 23 Kate Ho (Columbia), Physician Responses to Financial Incentives: Evidence from Hospital Discharge Data (with Ariel Pakes).
Nov. 30 Simon Loertscher (University of Melbourne, visiting Columbia), "Fee Setting Intermediaries: On Real Estate Agents, Stock Brokers, and Auction Houses"
Dec. 7 Steve Tadelis (U. California, Berkeley - Haas School), "The Effect of Information on Auction Outcomes: A Large Scale Field Experiment" (with Florian Zettelmeyer).
Dec. 14
(In 1101 IAB)
David Autor (MIT), "Skills, Tasks and Technologies: Implications for Employment and Earnings" (with Daron Acemoglu).

Spring 2010 Schedule

Date Speaker
January 19 Chris Conlon (Yale), "A Dynamic Model of Costs and Margins in the LCD TV Industry."
January 26 Matt Grennan (NYU - Stern School), "Bargaining Ability and Competitive Advantage: Empirical Evidence from Medical Devices."
February 2 (no seminar)
February 9 (no seminar)
February 16 Nicolas Schutz (Columbia), "Vertical Integration, Foreclosure, and Upstream Competition."
February 23 Heski Bar-Isaac (NYU - Stern School), "Search, Design, and Market Structure" (with Guillermo Caruana and Vicente Information: A Framework for Applied Work" (with Chaim Fershtman)
April 13 Glen Weyl (Harvard), "Concordance among Holdouts" (with Scott Duke Kominers).
April 20 Pierre Picard (Ecole Polytechnique), "Participating Insurance Contracts and the Rothschild-Stiglitz Equilibrium Puzzle."
April 27 Minjae Song (University of Rochester), "Bundling Among Rivals: A Case of Pharmaceutical Cocktails" (with Claudio Lucarelli and Sean Nicholson).
May 4 Jon Levin (Stanford), Pricing and Welfare in Health Plan Choice (with Kate Bundorf and Neale Mahoney).