Industrial Organization & Strategy 2015

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Tuesdays, 2:15-3:45 p.m.
1101 International Affairs Building (420 West 118th St.)

If you wish to receive weekly announcements about seminars, please e-mail Joy Glazener at [email protected], or if you have any questions about the seminar.

Fall 2015 Schedule

September 8 Alessandro Gavazza (LSE), "A Quantitative Analysis of the Retail Market for Illicit Drugs" (with Manolis Galenianos)
September 15 Jesse Shapiro (Brown), "Special Interests and the Media: Theory and an Application to Climate Change" Seminar is joint with Political Economy.
September 22 Ali Hortacsu (Chicago), "Advertising, Consumer Awareness, and Choice: Evidence from the U.S. Banking Industry" (with Elisabeth Honka and Maria Ana Vitorino)
September 29 Ed Lazear (Stanford), "Demographics and Entrepreneurship" (with James Liang and Hui Wang)
October 6 Chris Conlon (Columbia), "Wholesale Prices, Retail Prices and the Lumpy Pass-Through of Alcohol Taxes"
October 13 Ilton Soares (Columbia), "Mergers under Exclusive Dealing: an Empirical Analysis of the Fuel Industry"
October 27 Kate Ho (Columbia), "Insurer Competition in Health Care Markets" (with Robin Lee)
November 3 Election Day -- University Holiday
November 10 Ali Yurukoglu (Stanford), "Bias in Cable News: Real Effects and Polarization" (with Gregory J. Martin)
November 17 Ben Hermalin (Berkeley), "At the Helm, Kirk or Spock? The Pros and Cons of Charismatic Leadership"
November 24 J.F. Houde (Wharton), "Measuring Substitution Patterns in Differentiated Products Industries" (with Amit Gandhi).
December 1 Jon Levin (Stanford), "Are Dynamic Vickrey Auctions Practical?: Properties of the Combinatorial Clock Auction" (with Andrzej Skrzypacz).  Joint with NYU Stern.
December 8 Simon Anderson (Univ. Virginia), "Search Direction" (with Regis Renault).


Spring 2015 Schedule

February 24 Uri Gneezy (UC San Diego), "Incentives and Behavior Change."
March 3 Jan De Loecker (Princeton), "Estimating Market Power: Evidence from the US Beer Industry"
March 10 Andrey Malenko (MIT/Sloan), "Timing Decisions in Organizations: Communication and Authority in a Dynamic Environment" (with Steven Grenadier and Nadya Malenko)
March 17 Spring Break
March 24 Konrad Stahl (Mannheim), "Trust, Competition and Innovation: Theory and Evidence from German Car Manufacturers" (with Giacomo Calzolari, Leonardo Felli, Johannes Koenen and Giancarlo Spagnolo)
March 31 Judith Chevalier (Yale), "Best Prices: Price Discrimination and Consumer Substitution" (with Anil Kashyap)
April 7 David Chan (Stanford), "The Efficiency of Slacking Off: Evidence from the Emergency Department."