International Economics 2011

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Fall 2011 Schedule

Date Speaker  Subject 
September 14th Kiminori Matsuyama Endogenous Ranking and Equilibrium Lorenz Curve Across (ex-ante) Identical Countries
September 21st Matilde Bombardini Skill Dispersion and Trade Flows (with Giovanni Gallipoli and German Pupato)
September 28th Madhura Maitra  
October 5th Oleg Itskhoki Fiscal Devaluations (with Emmanual Farhi and Gota Gopinath)
October 12th Pol Antras Organizing the Global Value Chain (with Davin Chor)
October 19th Alexander McQuoid Diversity and the Provision of Public Goods: Evidence from Soviet Emigration to Israel
October 26th Walker Hanlon Necessity is the Mother of Invention: Input Supplies and Directed Technical Change
November 2nd Jessie Handbury  
November 9th David DeRemer The Evolution of International Subsidy Rules
November 16th Nina Pavcnik Export markets and labor reallocation: Evidence from the U.S.-Vietnam Bilateral Trade Agreement (with Brian McCaig)
November 23rd    
November 30th    
December 7th Michael Deveraux Consumption Risk-Sharing and the Real Exchange Rate: Why does the Nominal Exchange Rate Make Such a Difference?

Spring 2011 Schedule

Date Speaker  Subject 
January 19th    
January 26th    
February 2nd    
February 9th    
February 16th    
February 23rd    
March 2nd Paul Bergin The Micro-Macro Disconnect of Purchasing Power Parity (with Reuven Glick and Jyh-Lin Wu)
March 9th Nathan Nunn Commerical Imperialism? Political Influence and Trade During Cold War (with Daniel Berger, William Easterly, and Shanker Satyanath)
March 16th Spring Break  
March 23rd Marc Melitz  
March 30th Swati Dhingra Trading Away Wide Brands for Cheap Brands
April 6th Lorenzo Caliendo On the dynamics of the Heckscher-Ohlin theory
April 13th Chang-Tai Hsieh  
April 20th Jacques Thisse Monopolistic Competition in General Equilibrium: Beyond the CES (with Evgeny Zhelobodko, Sergey Kokovin, and Mathieu Parenti)
April 27th Steve Redding  
May 4th Andreas Moxnes