International Economics Workshop

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The International Economics Workshop is held on Wednesdays between 2:00 and 4:00 in 1101 International Affairs Building.

Organized by Amit Khandelwal and Jonathan Vogel

Fall 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker  Subject 
Sept. 10th David Weinstein "What is ’Firm Heterogeneity’ in Trade Models? The Role of Quality, Scope, Markups, and Cost” (with Colin Hottman and Stephen J. Redding)
Sept. 17th Joaquin Blaum "Estimating the Productivity Gains from Importing" (with Claire Lelarge and Michael Peters)
Sept. 24th Daniel Xu Trade, Skills and Quality-Upgrading: A Theory with Evidence from Colombia (with Ana Cecılia Fieler and Marcela Eslava)
Oct. 1st Juan Carlos Hallak Export Survival with Learning about Foreign Markets
Oct. 8th Amit Khandelwal Exporting and Firm Productivity: Evidence from a Randomized Trial
Oct. 15th Matthew Flagge  
Oct. 22nd Colin Hottman  
Oct. 29th Rob Johnson Global Supply Chains and Trade Policy
Nov. 5th Jacques Thisse Toward a theory of monopolistic competition (with Mathieu Parenti and Philip Ushchev)
Nov. 12th Ralph Ossa A Quantitative Analysis of Subsidy Competition in the U.S.
Nov. 19th Ann Harrison Industrial Policy and Competition
Nov. 26th No Seminar  
Dec. 3rd Bill Kerr Heterogeneous Technology Diffusion and Ricardian Trade Patterns

Spring 2014 Schedule

Date Speaker  Subject 
March 26th    
April 2nd Francisco Buera Idea Flows, Economic Growth, and Trade (with Fernando Alvarez and Robert E. Lucas Jr.)
April 9th Kim Ruhl The Aggregate Impact of Antidumping Policies
April 16th Esteban Rossi-Hansberg The Impact of Regional and Sectoral Productivity Changes on the U.S. Economy (with Lorenzon Caliendo, Fernando Parro, and Peirre-Daniel Sarte)
April 23rd Vernon Henderson 50 years of urbanization in Africa: Assessing the role of climate change
April 30th Steve Redding External Integration and Internal Development: Evidence from Argentina 1870-1914 (with Pablo Fajgelbaum)

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