Macro Lunch 2008

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Fall 2008 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Topic
September 9th, 12:30 - 2 pm
Uris 327
Emmanuel Farhi (Money/Macro seminar)

September 16th
Uris 327
Maxim Ulrich
Model uncertainty and term premia on nominal bonds
September 23rd
Uris 327
Martin Uribe
What's News in Business Cycles
September  30th
Uris 327
Shang-Jin Wei
Sex ratios and saving rates: a new explanation for why the Chinese save so much.
October 7th
Uris 327
Stephen Zeldes
The market value of Social Security
October 14th
Uris 327
No Meeting

October 21st
Uris 329
Frederic Mishkin
The current financial crisis "Open Discussion"
October 28th
Uris 327
Emi Nakamura and Jon Steinsson
Crises and recoveries in an empirical model of consumption disasters
November 4th
Uris 327
Robert Pindyck (Joint with Neng Wang)
Economic Consequences of Catastrophes.
November 11th
Uris 327
Veronica Rappoport
Trade and multinational production in a risky environment
November 18th
Uris 327
Marc Giannoni ( Joint with Michael Woodford)
Optimal Target Criteria for Stabilization Policy.
November 25th
Uris 327
Neng Wang
Entrepreneurial finance and non-diversifiable risk
December 2nd
Uris 327
Tomasz Piskorski
Throwing Good Money After Bad? Financing in Distress, Managerial Flexibility, and Covenants

Spring 2008 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Topic
February 5
Uris 306
Marc Giannoni
Global forces and monetary policy effectiveness
February 12
Uris 306
Anamaría Pieschacón
Oil Booms and Their Impact Through Fiscal Policy
February 19
Uris 306
No Meeting

February 26
Uris 306
No Meeting

March 4
Uris 306
David Love
Should Risky Firms Offer Risky DB Pensions?
March 11
Uris 306
No Meeting
Business School spring break
March 18
Uris 306
No Meeting
Arts and Sciences spring break
March 25

No Meeting

April 1
Uris 306
Francois Le Grand
Incomplete markets,liquidation risk, and the term structure of interest rates.
April 8
Uris 306
Neng Wang
"Dynamic Agency and the q theory of investments"
April 15
Uris 306
Kyung-Woo Lee
"Optimal Tax and Pension System with Private Information"
April 22 Uris 306
Stefania Albanesi and Claudia Olivetti
"Gender and Dynamic Agency: Theory and Evidence on the Compensation of Top Executives"
April 29  Uris 329
Mai Dao
"Labor market institution and international spillover: theory and empirical evidence"
May 6  Uris 331
Luminita Stevens
It is The Law of One Price: Does Theory Meet Practice?
May 13  Uris 331
Marc Giannoni and Jean Boivin
"Optimal monetary policy in a data-rich environment: Some preliminary results"
May 20  Uris 331
Gideon du Rand
May 27