Macro Lunch 2009

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Fall 2009 Schedule

Date Room Speaker Topic
September 15th
Uris 306
Veronica Rappoport
Risk Aversion and Wealth: Evidence from Person-to-Person Lending Portfolios (with Daniel Paravisini and Enrichetta Ravina)
September 22nd
Uris 306 Stefania Albanesi
Maternal health and the baby boom
September 29th
Uris 306 Rick Mishkin
How has the monetary transmission mechanism evolved over time?
October 6th
Uris 306 Philip Giles
Federal government responses to the crisis
October 13th
Uris 306 Ricardo Reis
Evaluating the unconventional monetary policy of 2007-09
October 20th
Uris 306 Perry Mehrling The global credit crisis and policy responses
October 27th
Uris 306 Michael Woodford
Conventional and unconventional monetary policies
November 3rd
No meeting

November 10th
Uris 306 James Kahn
What Drives House Prices?
November 17th
Uris 306 Shang-Jin Wei
The sexual foundations of economic growth
November 24th
Uris 306 Neng Wang
Entrepreneurial investment, portfolio choice, and consumption
December 1st
Uris 306 David Weinstein Exports and financial shocks (with Mary Amiti)
December 8th
Uris 306 Mariana Colacelli
Intensive and extensive margins of exports and real exchange rates
December 15th
Uris 306Jonathan Vogel
Globalization, Technology, and the Skill Premium

Spring 2009 Schedule

Date Room
Speaker Topic
January 27th Uris 306
Pierre Yared
"Optimal Debt Management and Redistribution"
February 3rd Uris 306
Ricardo Reis
Correlated Shocks
February 10th Uris 306
Jon Steisson and Emi Nakamura
"Lost in Transit: Product Replacement Bias and Pricing to Market".
February 17th Uris 306
Neng Wang
Reallocating and pricing illiquid capital
February 24th
Uris 306
Michael Woodford
'Information-Constrained State-Dependent Pricing.'
March 3rd Uris 306
Bruce Preston
Preference and Macroeconomic Comovement.
March 10th Uris 306
No Meeting

March 17th Uris 306
No Meeting

March 24th
Uris 306
John Leahy
"Pricing Houses"
March 31st Uris 306
No Meeting

April 7th Uris 306
Till v. Wachter
"Long-Term Earnings Losses due to Mass-Layoffs During the 1982 Recession"
April 14th
Uris 306
No Meeting

April 21st Uris 306
John Geanakoplos
The leverage cycle and the current financial crisis.
April 28th
Uris 305
Jaromir Nosal
May 5th
Uris 306
Frank Lichtenberg
"Does patent protection restrict U.S. drug use? The impact of patent expiration on U.S. drug prices, marketing, and utilization"
May 12th
Uris 306
Amit Khandelwal
Imported Intermediate Inputs and Domestic Product Growth: Evidence from India.
May 19th
Uris 306
Veronica Rappoport
Trade-off between international and domestic risk sharing in the presence of sovereign risk.